This isn’t a good start…


There are no pictures for this post. Which is a shame, and will make my goal a bit more difficult. Especially if I continue to have days like today.

Yesterday was Jordan and my 2 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going out to a nice Italian restaurant in town, which was actually some what of a disappointment. The food just wasn’t blowing us away. But the ambience was right and we gave each other our cards. On the car ride over, Jordan surprised me with a little jewelry box with 7 (that’s right – SEVEN) sets of pearl earrings inside. Of all kinds of colors. I do love me some pearls.

After the dinner, we went back to spend our first night in our new house. And as we came in we discovered that both of our parents had come over and cleaned up the house, installed the shower door in the master bath, set up our bed, put sheets on our bed, installed the wooden stairs, fixed the two toilets with the water-saving thing we bought, and left us everything we would need to spend the night there. Including a fun little basket with some sparkling juice, a package of crackers that was labeled “Bread”, and a tupperware of salt that was labeled, no surprise, “Salt”. If you get the movie reference, extra credit to you! We love that movie!

We discovered we would definitely need to buy some blinds for the room though, and headed out to Wal-Mart (cause they’re the only place open at 9pm that you can buy blinds!). We bought our blinds, spent a long time figuring out how to install them, and then got to spend our very first night in our very first house! It sounds just like a fairy tale and it kinda felt like one too. And they lived happily ever after!

Until the next morning, when my iphone alarm didn’t go off. Unbeknownst to me, there is a bug causing the alarm not to work. So I checked the clock at 6:20am when Jordan went to use the restroom, and quickly freaked out. I was quite unprepared for the school day. Boy, if that’s not just the cruelest ending to a fairy tale and ushering in of real life, I don’t know what is!

I have good classes at school. I have good kids. But I really could have used a couple more days of break. The rushed start to the morning didn’t help, but I just felt like I wasn’t on my A game teaching today. The kids were well behaved and I think I accomplished my learning objectives, but I just feel like I could have done more! I don’t know. Its rough to come back from a break and have a hard teaching day. I do love my job, most days. But not today. Today just felt unsuccessful. And I’m not entirely sure why, but that’s how I feel. I wish I could say I was always super-teacher, but my students would point out otherwise.

But tomorrow’s another day. And I have a crap-ton of grading sitting over there on the dining room table, taunting me. I hate taunting papers. Perhaps I shall go the gym instead…

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