Ba-Da-Loons (Balloons)

So as part of my perfectionism, I feel like I shouldn’t really write a blog post unless I have something important to say. I’m not sure how to define “important” though. The truth is, our big messy wonderful life right now IS important. That’s the whole point of having a blog – to journal and preserve this time in our lives. So I have to let go of my idea of “blog-worthy” and just write the day. So there we go. And if it feels a bit like word-vomit, I don’t care. (That’s not true, but fake it till you make it!)

Both Jaylee and Jaxton are at such FUN ages. As I write that, I realize that they are also both at very trying stages. Funny how that works. Jaylee is the epitome of two. She skips naps and plays in her room. She unplugs the sound monitor in her room (she actually took off the vent grate and dropped it down the vent the other day). But her day can become very magical with the simplest things. For example, this evening we went grocery shopping. Jaylee has a list of things she always requests when we go to the grocery store (cookie, ride the horse, red car shopping cart, etc). One of her favorite things to do is to go the floral counter and get a free “Ba-da-loon”. Also known as a balloon. The nice people at King Soopers will blow up a free balloon. Unless you get the REALLY nice people – in which case they give her four.


And all of a sudden, a simple errand has become magical. And every other person who passes us in the aisles can’t help but smile at the little girl and her treasured balloons. Or perhaps their smiling because they just learned they can now work at their second favorite grocery store… My money’s on the cute little girl.


She lights up our world. And simultaneously can be the most frustrating person to deal with. Like the fact that her diet right now consists of Ramen, chips, crackers, grapes, cookies, and cereal. With a hearty side of attitude.


Jaxton just turned 6 months this month. He’s able to sit up on his own now, though he’s not really trustworthy at it. And its pretty funny to watch him fall over, because he doesn’t really recognize that he is falling – so he goes down straight as a board. But the ability to sit up allows him to play with a lot of new toys that he’s not really seen before. Which is great, because he is getting a bit bored of laying on his back on his piano.


He really enjoys playing in his “jumpy jumpy”, and sitting in his high chair watching the shenanigans in the kitchen. But whenever he’s doing any of these fun activities, he’ll visually check in with me every couple of seconds – making sure I’m still around and in his view. And heaven forbid if I walk away from him when he wants to be held – that’s the recipe for immediate crying.


I swear his face is made up of 90% big blue eyes. They kill me every time. He pretty much gets whatever he wants around here.


Luckily for us, “what he wants” is usually to ride around on my hip and watch his sister’s antics. He also thinks that Jojo is pretty fun – which is lucky for Jojo. The poor dog’s only real use around here anymore is to clean up under the high chair and make the kids laugh.

So there you go. A glimpse into our world right now. Just 9 more days until Christmas!! I’ve always liked the Christmas season, but I really enjoy watching my kiddos at this special time of year. We have been so very very blessed.

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Just a regular girl, piecing together life as I see it.
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