Two in a Row????

This is me letting go of my perfectionism again. All day I had thoughts that were churning around in my brain, but I deemed them not “blog worthy” because “wouldn’t it be lame to post two days in a row? Then when I forget about it and skip 3 years, I’ll seem like such an idiot!”.

So I’m saying no-thank-you to those thoughts and doing what I want. Cause I’m an adult. Which means I get to do what I want. *snort*

Last night was rough over here in the Ingram Abode. Jaylee woke up SCREAMING around 1am. Jordan went in to comfort her – she’s in a daddy only stage right now. But after he left, she went back to screaming. And worse – she went and laid down by her door and directed her screams through the crack underneath the door. Which of course, meant that she woke up Jax – who had just successfully self-soothed himself back to sleep.

So all kinds of night-time rules were broken around here. Cereal may have been consumed at 1am. Ba-da-loons may have been brought to bed. “Trees” (aka The Lorax) may have been viewed at 0-dark-thirty. A baby boy may have been allowed to nurse back to sleep. A mom may have stayed awake for a while longer after all of that wondering if she made the right decisions.

Hey, we’re a work in progress around here.

wKqtsbJvTSA5Se4L.jpgSo after a rough night, Jordan suggested we go to Little Monkey Business in the afternoon to help pass the time on a rough no-nap day. So we did. Jaylee, of course, had to continue wearing her Princess Anna dress. But that didn’t stop her from running and jumping and climbing and playing with all the boys.

H8eTz0GlM0sOIRbi.jpgThere was a serious lack of other little girls there today. But Jaylee didn’t care. She followed around a group of five 7-8 year old boys. They were very patient with her, even though she was slow. And they helped her climb in some things that she was too little to climb in. One of them even learned her name and was inviting her to follow after them. It was really very sweet. My little princess running with the boys and have a grand old time. She didn’t want to leave.


My brother and his wife are at the hospital in Oklahoma getting ready to welcome their first child into the world. Jay IV is coming soon!!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see pictures of my newest nephew. I have great dreams that he and Jax will be good friends and get to play together.

So till next time. Whether that’s tomorrow or a couple years from now remains to be seen.

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Just a regular girl, piecing together life as I see it.
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