Winter Break!!!

It is OFFICIALLY winter break! I’m so thankful to have the next two weeks off with our little (and extended) family. We have quite a few fun things planned, but we also have some down time planned. Pretty much exactly what I need right now.


The kids came to school with me today during the teacher work day. Jaylee had a good time running around my classroom and playing with the blocks. I was even brave and took both babies to meet my coworkers at Chili’s for lunch. That was an adventure – Jaylee was throwing a fit on the ground under the table for no apparent reason, and Jax suddenly decided he was afraid of strangers. But we all survived and calmed down, and I even had some fun and got some adult conversation in the middle of the day.


Jax has been working on sitting up a lot lately. He can sit up on his own, but he’s not really that trustworthy. So we have finally begun using our boppy pillow so that he has a safety net and I can still walk away. I hope to get his 6 month photos done here shortly, and his ability to sit up for them will greatly help.


Jaylee is still totally in love with her ba-da-loons. She’s in a stage now where she always wants to bring *something* along whenever we go anywhere. Going upstairs? Woody and Buzz come too. Going to lunch? Ba-da-loons come too. Going on a walk around the block? Blanket come too. My favorite was one time when we were going to the library, and she packed up her entire wooden train set so that “Train come too”.


We did have a pretty sweet moment at the grocery story though. They have these cool shopping carts that have a race car on them, and Jaylee really likes sitting in them. This particular grocery store had a hot pink one – which is Jaylee’s current favorite color. And since it had two steering wheels, she was really insistent that “baby brother drive too”. I tried to hold him at one point, and was instructed that “he sit right there!!”. It warmed my heart that she wanted him to do it with her.


Speaking of warmed hearts, my newest nephew Jay IV was born on Thursday! And he is just so stinking cute! Though they’re in Oklahoma and I can’t snuggle the precious baby burrito, we did get to FaceTime with him so Jaylee and Jax could meet their first Hardy cousin. And it was pretty cool to see my brother holding his son. Now I just need that adorable little boy here in Colorado so I can snuggle him and begin the favorite-aunt brainwashing.


Life is good.

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