Homemade De-tangling Spray

So there is a perpetual battle around here. It involves tears, bribes, lots of “no’s”, and a constant battle against the elements. This is the war known as Jaylee’s hair.


She has beautiful little blonde ringlet curls. The problem is that she does not like to have it combed. (What toddler does?) And she always gets it in a huge mess when sleeping. So in the mornings, we usually have a bit of battle at the breakfast table. I try to hurriedly brush her out her hair while hoping that she stays distracted watching shows on her kindle and eating her cereal. It doesn’t always work.

But you know what guarantees failure 99% of the time? Running out of detangling spray. Like I did this morning.

Luckily, I googled “homemade detangler spray” and found this link on the internets. It saved my bacon today with my testy toddler. You only need two ingredients for detangling spray – conditioner and water. Luckily, any house with a girl will most likely have conditioner on hand. And that would include this house.


So I filled our (now empty) bottle of detangling spray 2/3 full with water, and filled the last 1/3 with conditioner. And the spray worked like a charm. I think it actually got out the tangles BETTER than the store-bought stuff that had previously been in the bottle.





I will say that I needed to have a regular water spray bottle on hand as well, as I think the 2/3 1/3 proportion might be a bit heavy on the conditioner. But I was really very pleased with the way that I was able to really easily cut through all the rat’s nests that had formed in her hair overnight. And combined with a little finger scrunching, she had super cute little ringlet curls that lasted all day. Jaylee has really really fine hair, so I think the conditioner spray actually weighed it down a bit, which is what her hair needs.


So there you go! Emergency detangler spray made from materials you have on hand! I don’t think I’ll be buying detangler again, though I’ll definitely have to up my purchases on conditioner.

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