Gearing Up for Christmas

It’s the night before Christmas Eve.

I feel like there should be a poem about that. About the anticipation of the coming festivities. About the excitement to be able to spend special time with special people doing special activities. Just the general joy and peace and love that comes right before the real holiday festivities kick off.

Of course I say all of these things because all our Christmas presents were bought and wrapped some time ago. We’re on a reduced income this year because I went part-time at work in order to be able to stay home with the kids. That means no daycare for them – and extra special time with my babies. But it also means an income reduction. So we started buying Christmas presents in November so that we could pay for them all up front and not end up with any kind of credit card debt from the season. Its made the season so relaxing – its definitely the way to go. I’m not the kind of person who can buy Christmas presents in July because I enjoy the GIVING too much. But starting in November is right for our family and our budget.


We have quite the schedule of family events coming up these next two days, including some time for just our little family of four. But truly, I enjoy the time with our parents and siblings. Its why we moved back to Denver from Texas. We WANT to live near the people that we love, and we like to spend time with them. We spent one Christmas season away from everyone, and it was just so sad. We’ll never do it again.

One of the additional benefits of living so close to family is that we have free and eager babysitters. Our 6-year wedding anniversary is coming up, and we received a coupon in the mail for a free hotel room up in Black Hawk, Colorado. So Jordan and I headed up there last night to have some time just the two of us – we watched the Broncos frustrating loss on the big screen in the casino while we played some slot machines and generally just enjoyed each others’ company. We spent a lot less than the hotel room would have cost, so I’d say we came out ahead.


I love my new toy, Cousin Vesper!

It was my first night away from Jax, and that was a little hard for me. Jaylee loves spending the night at her grandparents’ houses, so we’ve become more adjusted to that. But I did find myself missing my sweet boy. Luckily, when we went to pick them back up today, he was VERY happy to see me. (This may have had something to do with the fact that he was also very hungry). It sure makes a momma’s heart happy to be needed and loved by her babies.

What Jaylee's hair is supposed to look like

What Jaylee’s hair is supposed to look like

We spent a long time today dancing to Jaylee’s most recent favorite songs. Currently, she loves dancing to “kitty cat on plano”, which is this video on youtube. Jordan found a 10 minute version where they put it on loop, and we dance to it every evening before bed. Its like Jaylee’s siren song – if she’s in her room and doesn’t want to come out, all we have to do is go into our room and start the song. It gets her running into our room with a smile on her face every time.

Siblings having a sleepover at G-ma and Pop-pop's house

Siblings having a sleepover at G-ma and Pop-pop’s house

Her other favorite current video is a clip from the old animated movie version of “Charlotte’s Web”. She loves to watch that movie at Grams and Popsi’s house, where they always dance to this rendition of “Lots in Common”. She found her toy pig at our house and starting singing that song. So I looked it up on youtube to play it for her, and her face lit up. Now she always wants to have my phone playing the video/song so we can run around the house dancing and singing. We danced to this particular song a LOT today, and it warmed my heart. Heaven forbid you sit down, because Jaylee will beckon you with “Come on, mommy!” and then come over and grab your hand if you’re still hesitant. And nobody can resist that.

So we dance.

And now, both babies are in bed after a fun day ending with a lovely evening having dinner with friends. Which means its time for my never-ending story: laundry. But if I can get it “done” now, then it won’t be hanging over my head the next couple of days. And that is worth it.

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