Christmas 2014

Christmas Day 2014 – a beautiful day.

We started out Christmas day with the most magical moment of all – getting to sleep in until about 8:00am. Which isn’t entirely true for me, because Jax woke up at 6:00 with a huge blowout, screamed through the whole change, and then nursed himself back to sleep for an hour or so. Just keeping it real, folks.

But other than that one small hiccup, we all slept in until about 8:00! Then we loaded up and headed over to Jordan’s parents’ home – where Jaylee had spent the night the night before. We ate a delicious breakfast, and then Jaylee got to open all her “surprises”.

Supreme present unwrapper

Supreme present unwrapper

The kids looked so cute in their matching PJ’s, curtsey of Popsi and Grams. Of course, Jaylee refused to take a picture with her brother, so separate is all I got.

6YjfmUPp0TkaLYfZ.jpg d6vo5UGrH6h1biTl.jpg

Jaylee had a ball opening up all the presents, whether they were to her or not. Her favorite was a gift that was actually given to Jax – a “life size” Olaf stuffed animal. Poor Jax – that stuffed animal will never belong to him.


Luckily, he has TONS of other toys to choose from.

QPED3NuYCxNXeexf.jpg     CQCAIo20XYuAgrdx.jpg

No baby will ever be bored at Grams and Popsi’s house. I’m pretty sure it is Beth’s mission to never say “no” anytime our kids come over to her home (barring things that are dangerous, of course). Jaylee takes full advantage of that, and has a ball every single time. I’m sure it won’t be long before Jax is the same way.


Wearing her Jessie the Cowgirl hat

One of Jaylee’s favorite gifts was a cool electric train set. She loves construction vehicles (backhoes, tractors, etc). She likes to point them out at construction sites and inform us that “he’s eating the dirt!”. The particular electric train set she got for Christmas has a bunch of boxcars that are carrying construction vehicles (aka “big trucks”) that actually come off so you can play with them. Of course, Jaylee does not allow anyone to take them off. They must stay on at all times. You could say that she’s pretty particular.


Setting up her new train set!

After hanging out with Jordan’s parents a bit longer, we packed up all our loot and headed over to my parents’ house. My family always does an ornament exchange where we trade handmade special ornaments Secret Santa style. When I was a teenager, I read about this Christmas tradition in a church magazine and thought it sounded like a good idea, and we’ve been doing it ever since. With the addition of spouses, its become quite the tradition every year – my parents’ Christmas tree is totally full. My brother and his wife stayed in Oklahoma this year, due to the arrival of Jay 4.0 (also known as Jay IV). So we had to do the ornament exchange via Skype, which was pretty fun. He was set up in a chair and could see and hear what was going on (except for the occasions when Bucky was blocking the camera with his coffee-drinking and butt-scratching shenanigans).

Skipping with Jay

Ornament Exchange via technology

My wonderful husband had me this year, and made me a wonderful little ornament with mementos to represent our life changes this year.

Contrary to what it may seem, I am not pregnant. After two babies, the struggle is real folks.

Contrary to what it may look like, I am not pregnant. After two babies, the struggle is real folks.

Then it was time to open presents. Which is funny, because Jaylee had already claimed her first present the minute we walked in.

Riding the red cart

Riding the red cart

It was actually a gift to me – my parents bought me a cute little radio flyer wagon so that I can tote the kids to and from the park near our home. We’re not stroller people. But it was assembled and sitting by the tree when we walked in (how would you wrap it?). Jaylee immediately climbed in, and demanded that Jojo get in the “red cart” too. So we spent quite a bit of time taking her for rides around the house. Jojo was less than thrilled, but his presence was mandatory. Based on her reaction, I think this wagon will work well for toting our family to and from the park, and any other place where you might want to bring a stroller (zoo, outdoor treks, etc).

Jaxton and Aunt Jessie

Jaxton and Aunt Jessie

After all the presents were open, we sat down to have a nice Christmas Day meal of prime rib and fixin’s. It was such a fun time hanging out with family – and there was a lot of laughter as always. This was the first Christmas we’ve spent in my parents’ new house. And it was a blast.


Then in the evening, we took just our little family of four and headed back to our home to relax and play with toys for a while. Jaylee and Jaxton got SO MANY cool toys, that we realized we just don’t have a lot of room for them in our main family room. So as soon as we got home, Jordan and I completed the great “toy purge”. We went through the toys in her room and separated them into piles to keep, piles to donate, and piles to trash. Then we moved A LOT of the toys from our family room up into her room. We also turned our unused formal living room into the new “big toy” room for the fun toys that take a lot of floor space. And because of all that, we have a lot fewer toys in the family room – which means more quality play time with the favorite toys, and a faster clean up at the end of the day.

Having a tea party

Having a tea party

Plus, now our formal living room is actually getting used. Previously, it was just an empty room with a couch and a piano – it looked like nobody lived there!

Helping daddy build the wooden train table

Helping daddy build the wooden train table

Now that room gets a lot of use, and it helps to keep the toys that take up a lot of floor real estate out of our main family living area, but still close enough to be played with often.

Playing trains

Playing trains

Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas spending time with all of our favorite people. It was a Christmas to remember. And we definitely had some magical moments.

Life is good.

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  1. Loved this and felt like I was with you all. You are really good at this “blogging”. Totally unbiased opinion:)

  2. Loved this post. Felt like I was there too. You are good at this “blogging”. A totally unbiased opinion:).

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