New Year’s Goals

So, I’m totally a goal oriented person. Its just how I am. I do well with a specific end-goal in mind, and a plan of how I’m going to get there. Sometimes I lay out my plan and don’t follow through, but most of the time I do actually achieve some measure of success.

Of course, I’m also guilty of burning out in the middle and going down in flames.

And so, as we move into 2015, I have a set a couple of goals for myself. I’m writing them down because that makes it more real for me. Plus, I’ll have something to look back on at the end of the year and laugh about. 🙂

My goal for 2014 was to do something everyday for myself. I tend to put lots of other things first, and don’t end up taking care of myself. I’d say I accomplished my goal about 2/3 of the time. A newborn baby will do that to you. But I have changed my mental attitude to recognize that my needs are also important, and should be treated as such.

So for 2015, I’m going to:

1) Run a 10k. Specifically, the Bolder Boulder. I’ve started training for this already (for about the last month). And already, I’ve pushed myself too hard and had to scale back. But I’m going to do it.

2) Blog.    Again, I’ve already gotten started on this one. I don’t tend to wait until January to make changes. 🙂 And hopefully I’ll actually keep up with it this time (unlike four years ago). My chances have gone up significantly because I’ve found and easy way to upload photos, which make everything more interesting.

3) Read.   I copied a checklist of different kinds of books I want to read this year. Its in my phone, and I’m going to be tracking my books on Goodreads. In the process, I discovered that one of my favorite authors has come out with two new books during the last 2 years that I didn’t even know about! This is why I need to set aside time for myself to READ.

4) Read my Bible.   God and I are having some disagreements right now, but I want that relationship to be restored. So I found a nice devotional on my Bible app, and I’ve started working through that. I want to continue this healing and restoring process in 2015.

5) Declutter/Organize my house.   I’ve already started this one too, but I’m going to get this house decluttered and organized! I’m following this system, sort-of. Its helping me create lists of places in my home that need to be addressed in 15 minute increments or during nap time. I’ve already filled 2.5 big boxes/bags with things that need to be donated, and many other items have made their way into the trash. I want to own fewer things, and be able to find the things I do own.

There they are, my goals for this year. I’m sure I’ll have other smaller goals I’m working on as the year goes on. But these are the 5 things I have already started working on, and want to make sure I continue through the new year. Of course, all of these things are outside of my primary life’s purpose: love on my husband and love on our beautiful kids.

2014 was simultaneously a fantastic and heartbreaking year. Hopefully 2015 will be all the fantastic and none of the heartbreak.

About Jodi

Just a regular girl, piecing together life as I see it.
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