6 Years of Marriage

Today is the 6 year anniversary of the day I married the love of my life. Jordan and I are not really “sappy” people, per say. I enjoy reading other people’s sweet tributes to their spouses on Facebook, but we tend to share those feelings in private. Suffice to say, I love that man. He is the best thing that happened to me, and he brought me out of a very tough and dark place. I wrote in my high school journal that I was going to marry him, and I wish I had listened to myself back then. He has my heart.

At dinner tonight, we discussed how we have spent the last 5 anniversaries, and I wanted to record them in case I forgot someday:

1) Year one (2010) – a Dallas hotel and failed restaurant experience
2) Year two (2011) – dinner at an Italian restaurant and spending our first night in our first house (the Pitkin House)
3) Year three (2012) – in Vegas for our baby moon!
4) Year four (2013) – in Blackhawk. Its like Vegas, but closer, because we didn’t want to be too far from Jaylee
5) Year five (2014) – in Blackhawk again, where we WON money, and I received FOUR presents and a contract extension to sign
6) Year six (2015) – At Maggiano’s, and then putting the kids to bed and playing an online poker tournament together

Overall, we’ve had a pretty good start to the new year! My oldest friend Kristen came to visit and hang out with me and the kids, and we enjoyed seeing her. Jaylee went down to take a nap while Kristen was here, and was asking for her as soon as she woke up. And most validating for me: she called her “black” because of her “black hair”. Kris and I have a long-running argument about the color of her hair.


My Secret Santa at work gifted us a gingerbread house kit so we could have some fun with Jaylee. We never got around to it before Christmas, but we busted it out the other day and built a house. Jaylee had a grand olde time sticking the candies on the house and declaring where we needed to put another door and another door and another door. The house had a lot of doors.


The finished house was declared “perfect!”, and now gets moved back and forth between places of honor on the kitchen island or on the kitchen table. Wherever Jaylee wants it at that precise moment.


This side only had two doors and one window. A much more reasonable side of the house

We’ve gotten SO. MUCH. SNOW. these past couple of days. It snows a ton, stops for half a day, and then snows a bunch more. This makes for no fun when it comes to shoveling the driveway. But we do have a really nice sledding hill near our house, and so we thought it would be fun to take the kids sledding. And that was the beginning of Sled-Mageddon 2015.

Jax and Mommy on the way to the sledding hill

Jax and Mommy on the way to the sledding hill. All smiles, for the moment.

The first problem was that Jaylee did not want to wear any gloves. But she also really hated when her hands would get cold. And in order to stay upright in the sled, she had to hold on to the sides. And this snow was so super dry and powdery, that it would get thrown up onto her hands with the slightest breeze. Do you see where this is going yet?

Running in the street. This was probably the best sledding of the day

Running in the street. This was probably the best sledding of the day. Because it was the 30 seconds when she would wear the gloves.

The hill where we went sledding was a lot more steep that we thought it would be. And there were a lot of other sledders out, most of them older children and adults. We should’ve known to turn back as soon as I saw the guys with Go-Pro cameras strapped to their bodies as they went down the hill.


In truth, the going down wasn’t so bad. It was a ton of fun! It was the coming back up that was really hard. There actually are STAIRS on this hill, but we couldn’t really use them because the hill was even steeper by the stairs. And of course, Jaylee was unable to walk up the hill at all, because the snow was above her knees and she had already thrown off her gloves. While I was trying to trek up the hill with a child in one arm and the sled in the other, I took a nasty fall and banged up my knee real good. That was the end of my sledding for the day.

Those tiny specks are Jordan and Jaylee after their first slide

Those tiny specks are Jordan and Jaylee after their first slide

Jordan toughed it out for 4 more slides with Jaylee (she never would have stopped), but I had to take the death march back home with a bum knee after my debacle, all while holding Jax who was leaning over parallel to the ground so he could stare at the snow. I don’t think we’ll be sledding on this hill again until the kids are able to walk up the hill on their own. We need a smaller hill. 🙂 But this will be lot of fun when they’re older.

For now, I think we’ll stick to playing inside with Jaxton’s Christmas present from Grams and Popsi.


Jaylee is really too big to be in there, but she climbs on in anyway. And he loves it when she’s in there with him – he just giggles and giggles. She knows how to make all the cool sounds and motions and sort the shapes, and he loves to watch and bat at them (and her).


Love the baby brother

Their sibling relationship seems to have really blossomed recently, and its fun to see them enjoy each others’ company and play with each other. At least, until Jax tries to take an unauthorized toy.


This winter break has been really nice, especially since Jordan coordinated his vacation time so that he was able to spend most of it with us. We’ve had lots of fun with our families and friends, and I totally don’t want to go back to work on Monday. Can’t we at least qualify for a snow day? How many days till Spring Break?


Mommy finds fun hats while cleaning out the coat closet

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