The End to Another Week

I am SO THANKFUL that its Friday. Wait, I don’t think that was clear enough. I am SO. THANKFUL. that it is Friday. I’m glad that another work week is gone and that its time for a three day weekend! And the family is coming over on Monday to grill burgers, which always means a good time.

I flip flop back and forth between wishing the week would go faster, and wishing time would slow down so I could enjoy this stage of babyhood. And then wishing time would go faster so that I could get in the car and have kids buckle themselves in. And then wishing time would go slower so that I could sit and read books all day with Jaylee.

Lots of flip-floppin over here, y’all.


Overall, its been a good week and a good start to the month, despite what my existential musings may convey. I met with my assistant principal this week and told her straight up that I’m not going to do schoolwork at home anymore at this point in my life. She totally understood, and said that was exactly what I need to be doing right now – spending less time on work and more time being with my kids. Its nice to be able to express to your boss that you’re going to let some things at work slide, and they’re supportive. Of course, I’ll still be the best teacher I can be. But just the best teacher I can be within the time limits of my working hours. And I have to be ok with that for now.


I’m looking forward to some down time and letting myself relax. And hopefully learning to accept less-than-perfect. I am my own worst critic. And that is going to end now.

Baby steps!

About Jodi

Just a regular girl, piecing together life as I see it.
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