Goals Update

So we’re on the 20th day of January. And even though I started my “new years resolutions” back in November (and wrote about them in December), I thought I’d do a check in and see how I’m doing.

1. I’m doing well in my running training! I’m following the Zombies 5k training program, and I ran/walked 3.73 miles yesterday! It was the first time that I actually noticed how much more endurance I have! I’m so excited! I’m going to register for the Bolder Boulder this week since I’m doing so well with my training and haven’t injured myself. Go me!

2. Still blogging. Obviously.

3. Reading: I’ve finished one book (The White Princess) and am very close to finishing my second book (The King’s Curse). I also checked out a book I’d put on hold at the library today, and am looking forward to reading that one. Since I’ve been making more time for reading, I’ve had a lot less time for watching TV in the evening. Which I think is good! At least, for now.

4. Still reading my Bible devotional everyday. Still working through my faith. Still angry at God. But I’m trying.

5. Declutter/Organize. I’m doing well on this one too! My entire kitchen is done, along with some serious progress on closets. And tonight I decluttered my fridge. The freezer and chest freezer are next on the list for this week. Next week is the office/paperwork. *shudder*

And even better, I’m still loving playing with my children every day. Some of these things I’m able to do while they’re awake. Some of these things don’t happen till bedtime.



Jax is getting REALLY CLOSE to crawling. He wants to be mobile so badly. And he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks a bit, but he doesn’t really have the strength to be in that position for long. Still, I don’t think it’ll be long before we have a mobile baby. And I think he’ll be happier when he’s mobile. Though I guess it means I better start actually cleaning my floors.

Jaylee's creation

Jaylee’s creation

I found this on my phone as I was scrolling through pictures. Jaylee likes coloring in her “Twinkle Star” app, and apparently she’s been saving her creations to my photo album. This picture is also indicative of her absolute favorite color: pink. If you know me, you know that I have NOT guided my child to love pink. She has arrived at this conclusion on her own – she always wants the pink! Its the only episode of Color Crew that she will watch anymore.

Baby Breakfast!

Baby Breakfast!

We had some friends over to play the other day, and that was a lot of fun. Except that “fun” includes “sharing”, which is not my daughter’s strong suit. But we enjoyed playing with the “E” babies on Saturday.


Jojo ride the wagon too!


Babies at the park!

Babies at the park!

Martin Luther King Day was a beautiful day this year, and Jordan took the day out of the office to hang with us. Since it was so beautiful, we broke in my new little red wagon and took the kiddos to the park. We had to wear coats because of the wind, but it was nice to get some sun. And then in the evening, both our families came over to play card games and eat burgers. It was a grand olde time.

So now its back to the daily grind of teaching and mothering and loving my husband and finding time for me. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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