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New Tricks and Money Ducks

So I was a little starstruck today. There’s a math teacher named Dan Meyer who publishes a lot of awesome math lessons online that are simple, and yet very rich and complex at the same time. Recently, my coworker and … Continue reading

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Crawling around

Its been an interesting set of days here in the Ingram abode. I have been so very tired all week, and it has affected my attitude and general behavior. And not in a positive way, unfortunately. Fortunately, I’m married to … Continue reading

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A Turning Point

We have reached a turning point in our lives. We officially own a treadmill. Its been in our house for 24 hours and used twice already. That is all. House of Cards is calling.

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Love in many forms

Valentine’s day. Jordan and I don’t really celebrate. I have a hard time with consumerism holidays (though apparently I’m a hypocrite because I love Christmas and all its consumerism). But I don’t feel loved when Jordan spends an outrageous amount … Continue reading

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Count Your Blessings

I was thinking tonight about all the ways I have been blessed, and that I should focus more on my blessings rather than my challenges. Yes, life can be hard. But I do have many blessings that I should be … Continue reading

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How this mama does cloth diapers

I get this question a lot from friends of mine – how do you do cloth diapers? I don’t know that we really advertise that we cloth diaper (unless I’m just totally doing it without realizing it). But people seem … Continue reading

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And the Golden Globe goes to….

There are a lot of great things about being a mommy. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: But there are a lot of hard things too. And today was just one of those days. A very hard day, though it had its … Continue reading

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