Positive Feedback

Even though I find my job exhausting, I really do enjoy my teaching career. I enjoy my coworkers, I enjoy my students, I enjoy my content, and I enjoy the challenge of it. I don’t enjoy the grading. I don’t enjoy the parent-teacher conferences (like tonight). But overall, I am happy.

It was nice today because during our whole-staff meeting, I was recognized by my principal for doing a good job with a particular teaching strategy. I didn’t know it was coming (the recognition), and so I was a little taken aback. But its nice to hear that you’re doing a good job at something, and that your boss notices. In the long run, it doesn’t matter – I’m trying to what’s best for my students every day in the classroom whether anyone else is there to see it or not. But it is nice to hear that someone has noticed.

Particularly because there are particular people in our building who put a lot of store in “kissing up” to the principal. I am not one of those people – my philosophy is that if you’re doing a good job, people will notice without you pointing it out to them. Of course, since I don’t do the kissing up, I never really know if my efforts in the classroom are actually noticed or not. Mostly, I don’t care. But it sure is nice to be recognized. Especially in such an organic and unexpected way.

Second positive of just generally working hard regardless of who’s looking – my current principal actually was in a professional development training with me 8 years ago when I was in my first year teaching and he was a district math coach. And he remembers me from that study (and I remember him). So I’m glad that I was working hard and made a good impression all that time ago.

Round here, we’re working hard too. Jax is very close to crawling. He practices pretty much all the time. If you set him down, he’s going to try to crawl.


He usually ends up in the “beached whale” position and just rolls around for a while. But he’s always trying! Unless, of course, he wants me to hold him. He does this adorable thing where if I go to set him down and he wants to be held, he will grab hold of my t-shirt and hug me as tightly as he can while squealing. And I just love it.

Jaylee enjoys lots of things. Right now, she enjoys building towers out of any available materials, and putting things inside of them in neat and orderly ways.

Building towers with pop-pop during the super bowl

Building towers with pop-pop during the super bowl

Once she decides that a particular box is for a particular object, then that’s the ONLY thing that will do. If elephant went in there once, then elephant is the ONLY thing that is allowed to occupy that space. She’s very particular. And I love it. She’s also recently decided that pants are unnecessary.

Pants optional

Pants optional

Jordan and I have been on a bathroom painting spree. It all started because I cleaned up the kids bathroom and it looked nice. But it was so BORING and builder-basic. So we painted. It feels good to get house projects done.

Know what feels better? Sleep. That’s where I’m headed.

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