Love in many forms

Valentine’s day. Jordan and I don’t really celebrate. I have a hard time with consumerism holidays (though apparently I’m a hypocrite because I love Christmas and all its consumerism). But I don’t feel loved when Jordan spends an outrageous amount of money to buy me roses on a day that society tells him he has to. That just makes me feel dumb. So we’ve agreed not to really celebrate it the “traditional” way. Instead, Jordan randomly surprises me with flowers throughout the year. This means a lot more to me, and has the bonus effect of the flowers costing less so I get more! Sweet!

Jaylee's newest obsession: her princesses with their interchangeable dresses

Jaylee’s newest obsession: her princesses with their interchangeable dresses. She knows all their names, as well as which dress belongs to which princess.

When I was in college, my dad started doing this thing where he’d buy us each a bag of candy and a balloon. Of course, mom got the biggest bag and biggest balloon. But it was pretty special and I actually liked it a lot. I’m not sure why he randomly started doing it, but it did make me feel special. And so I told Jordan I’d like to do something like that for our kids as well. Some special treat to remind them they are loved, without going crazy overboard and spending a ton of money. I really am a believer in “its the thought that counts”.

When Jordan and I went out to dinner recently, we read through this series of questions that get fun discussions going. One of the questions asked us to each describe our perfect day. Jordan said he really just wanted a day where he could do whatever he wanted (sit and play video games, house projects, whatever). Its hard to do that with little kids – they demand so much of our time and attention, which we happily give. But I did start to think about how my husband doesn’t really get a lot of “down time” for himself that I haven’t filled up with kid activities or chores or errands or whatever.

So when my mother-in-law Beth asked if she could take Jaylee to the zoo this weekend, I saw an opportunity to gift my husband with (most of) a day where he’d be left to do whatever he wanted. So I crashed the zoo party. Beth came over nice and early and we loaded up the babies and headed downtown!

Watch it, giraffe

Watch it, giraffe

The four of us had a grand old time running around to see all the animals. Jaylee would direct us to where she wanted to go next. “Let’s go see the tiger! Let’s go see the seals! There’s the giraffe! He’s so silly!”.

Grams and Jax on the train

Grams (Beth) and Jax on the train

I was ready to drop kick a goose when he started to give Jaylee the stink eye. She was getting really close to him, but I would have gladly kicked him back to Canada. Luckily for him, Jaylee obeyed us when we told her not to get any closer.

Jaylee and I riding the train

Jaylee and I riding the train, with Jax photobombing

It was a beautiful day for the zoo – warm, but cloudy so there was no need for sunscreen (though I did put the “umbrella” on the wagon just in case). We stayed there for a long time and saw everything there was to see. Jax even skipped his morning nap because he was so busy dumping crackers all over the wagon and trying to grab hold of all the bars and wire when we lifted him up to see animals.

Riding the carousel

Riding the carousel

It was a really nice day, and we had a lot of fun. Jordan also enjoyed his free time. And then this evening we went out and got buy-one-get-one burritos at Qdoba. We’ve got plans to watch several more episodes of House of Cards tomorrow evening, which we’re both pretty excited about. And I’m about to curl up with my book, “Unbroken”, so that I can finish it before it comes due at the library. All in all, a fantastic Valentine’s Day, full of love in many forms.

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