Crawling around

Its been an interesting set of days here in the Ingram abode. I have been so very tired all week, and it has affected my attitude and general behavior. And not in a positive way, unfortunately.

I want to do it!

I want to do it!

Fortunately, I’m married to the best man in the world. Thursday night was particularly hard. So on Friday morning, he surprised me by stopping by my work with flowers, coffee, a cookies-n-cream candy bar, and a card. It was really thoughtful and meaningful to me, and my students were pretty funny about it too. I really did hit it out of the park when I married Jordan.


Jaylee is a fan too

Jaxton has “officially” become a crawler. If I’m holding him, he’ll do a dive bomb to let me know he wants to be put down. And then he goes crawling off from there. He’s not super fast (yet). But he definitely picks a target and gets a move on. He’s so dang cute doing it.



Jaylee, of course, gets down and crawls with him too. Most of the time, she wants him to be around. She doesn’t want him to take a nap, she wants him to take a bath at the same time as her, and she wants to be right next to him playing.

Baby yoga

Baby yoga

Unless, of course, he makes a play for one of her toys. Then he’s public enemy #1. But it is nice that the sibling rivalry comes with some happy moments as well. It warms my heart to see them playing “together”.

As long as he doesn't touch the ultra-special magic clip princesses

As long as he doesn’t touch the ultra-special magic clip princesses

We’re in the midst of “Snowmageddon” around here. I don’t really believe much of the hype around snow storms like this – especially since it’ll be our first (and only!) one of winter. People just need to have something to freak out about. But we cooked up our traditional cajun turkey and carrots/potatoes and enjoyed staying in today. And it has started to snow quite heavily in the last couple of hours. We’ll see if the promised 7 – 22 inches actually come though. At last measurement, there were 6 inches on top of our patio table, but pretty much nothing sticking to the concrete surfaces.

If you don’t hear from me, I might be buried in snow.

But more likely, I’m buried in children.


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  1. Cameo says:

    you guys are so cute!

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