New Tricks and Money Ducks

So I was a little starstruck today. There’s a math teacher named Dan Meyer who publishes a lot of awesome math lessons online that are simple, and yet very rich and complex at the same time. Recently, my coworker and I decided we were going to use one of his lessons on probability with our classes, but we modified and extended it a little bit.

Apparently one of my students was searching around on the internet so she could show the Money Duck video to her mom, and she found it on his blog. She left a vaguish comment about what we were doing in class, and he was intrigued enough to ask her what school she went to. Then he emailed me and asked for more details.

When the email popped up, I actually thought that it was a very well-timed targeted marketed scheme, and I was a little freaked out that “they” were monitoring my computer activity so well that they could send me such a timely targeted ad. And once I realized it was actually Dan Meyer contacting me, I was quite surprised! Its pretty cool to hear from somebody in my profession who is so well respected – the internet is an amazing thing.

Jaylee's new trick

Jaylee’s new trick

We’re all about new tricks around here on the home-front. Jaylee’s new trick is to push a chair over to the kitchen counters and climb up wherever she wants to go. I have to say that this particular trick is my own fault – I had set her up on a chair once when I needed all my counter space (she usually sits on the counter to help cook). And I could see the light in her eye when she realized all the potential of this new chair-pushing strategy. Jordan made a nice teacher-joke about how I had “scaffolded” her learning, and now she was extending it far beyond I ever thought.


Jax has been “officially” crawling for just under a week now, and he has gotten quite fast. He also has targeted crawling now – and his targets are anything that he can pull up. Current favorites include Jaylee’s bed, his Christmas present toy, and an old favorite of Jaylee’s: a toy piano.


Jax also has gotten quite creative in his sleeping positions. He prefers to sleep on his side with his arm tucked and his blanket rubbing on his face, but the place in the crib where he sleeps changes every time. He very rarely stays where I put him.

Option 1:


Option 2:


And of course, option 3:



Jordan has been working very late days these past couple of days, and we’ve been missing him. Today, the kids had to get up much earlier than usual because he needed to leave earlier than usual. So Jaylee was very tired by the middle of the day. In fact, her nap was lasting quite a long time, and I was worried it would interfere with bedtime. So I went in to her room and turned off the fan, opened the window, and left the door open. She started to wake up, so I left her room so that she could wake up at her own pace.


Apparently, “her own pace” was to decline waking up at all. Even though it was very bright and all her sleeping conditions were messed up, she continued napping. Cutie.

Truly, I have the best babies. And a very great job. Life is good.

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