Special Things about my Jaylee

I was reflecting the other day on all the special things that my babies are doing right now, and that one day I will miss all of these things. So I thought I should sit down and record some of the wonderful things about this current stage for both of my babies. Starting with Jaylee.


Jaylee is my special girl: my firstborn baby. The one who made me into a mommy. Right now she is about 3 months away from her 3rd birthday, and we’re starting to see more and more of the beautiful, sweet girl that she has always been. We still have lots of two year old attitude, but I don’t really think that’s a bad thing. I hope she will grow up to be a strong, courageous woman who isn’t afraid to pursue what she wants – so if we have to deal with attitude along the way, I’ll take it.


Jaylee is very meticulous and organized. She likes to have things just-so. And she’ll spend a long time arranging all of her toys into the approved configurations. When presented with a problem with her designated order (such as too many balls to fit in the pool triangle), she’ll find some way to make sure that her order can still be achieved (like going and hiding one of the balls in the pocket so she can’t see it).


She is also very fun-loving and sweet. She’s always watching to see what we’re doing, and always wants to participate in the fun. This evening, Jordan and I were absentmindedly throwing a ball back and forth to each other as we talked. Jaylee watched for a while, and then said “I throw the ball too!”, so we had to add her to our game. Which we were more than happy to do (though we did go find a safer ball to use). She learns so much by studying what other people are doing, and then imitating it in her own play. She’s a keen observer.


Her “guilty pleasure” would still be the pacifier, though she doesn’t feel guilty about it at all (I’ve got the market cornered on guilt). But she knows that her paci and love-the-leash have to stay in her special bed, and she’ll take time out of the day to head up to her bed and relax for a little while with her paci. She’ll stay there for a little while, and then head back down when she’s ready to join in the fun again. I love that she knows what she needs, and knows exactly how to get it.


She also loves to use her kindle (and mommy’s phone and daddy’s phone and G-ma’s iPad and Grams’ phone….). She knows how to navigate around different devices and apps better than most adults. She’s just so very smart – you only have to show her how to do something once before she’s ready to do it for herself.


She’s learned so much from playing her apps and watching videos on her device(s). When she had just turned 2, she already knew all her ABC’s and could count to 20. She knows ABC regardless of the font or upper/lower case, and has her one-to-one correspondence down (most of the time). Plus she’s fond of naming an animal that starts with whatever letter you give her, though she’s not really convinced that G can be for giraffe AND gorilla. Her vocabulary is crazy – the other day she got a new Cinderella doll, and she informed me that “Cinderella wears a wedding dress! She’s got a veil! She’s got a cape!”. She’s also fond of up-to-date vocabulary, such as “Salutations!”. I wish I could say that I have taught her all these things, but the truth is that she has picked up all this learning from her apps and from being observant of the world around her. Though we do engage in conversations pretty much 100% of the time – especially in the car (“Looks at all these trees! They’re so silly! They’ve got the snow! WOW! Looks at all this snow!”).


My precious girl. She is truly a blessing that I do not deserve, and I love that I get to be her mommy.

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