All about my Jaxton

When I was pregnant with Jax, I wondered how it would be possible for me to love two babies as much as I loved my first baby. I knew it would happen, but I was just excited to see how my heart would expand the moment they laid my little boy on my chest.

And oh, did it expand.


Jaxton is currently 9 months old (today!). He’s a mover and a shaker. We have issues during nap time because he enjoys the new-found freedom of being mobile, and has a hard time calming himself down to relax and nap – even though he is obviously very tired. I documented his creative sleeping positions in this post, but we’ve had some recent notable contributions.

Butt in the air

Butt in the air

Slouched in the corner

Slouched in the corner

And of course, standing and looking for mommy

And of course, standing and looking for mommy

One of the things that I love the most about my little boy is his quirky need to tuck an arm behind his back when he is sleeping. Even as I watch him on the monitor right now, he’s laying on his back with his right arm tucked snugly behind his back. I think this is left over from his swaddling days, but I just love that he still does it. Even when we’re rocking and nursing right before bed, I can tell when he’s nearing sleep when he tucks his hand behind his back and grabs my finger. Its the most precious thing in the world.


Jax has the most endearing little smile. There’s no malice in my boy – he freely gives love and smiles without any strings attached. My heart lifts every time when I see him look up, recognize my face, and give a great big smile showing his two little teeth.

He’s in stage right now where he LOVES toys. Of course, he has a loose definition of “toy”. A toy is anything that he can reach. But especially things that are contained baskets.


He’ll sit for quite some time in front of a basket and unload the contents inside. And he gets ready pleasure from banging objects together to make cool sounds. In order to keep him still on the changing table, I keep a supply of little objects where I can put one in each hang, and he can bang them together. Without an interesting object to look at and play with, he will be trying to roll over and get into a crawling position. Which makes changing a diaper pretty difficult.


Jax is constantly babbling and exploring sounds as well. All the ma-ma’s, ba-ba’s, puffing air, and high-pitched squealing are a constant running soundtrack in our home. He’s just so happy all the time, and feels the need to verbally express himself. Much the chagrin of Jaylee, who is always saying “No screaming please baby brother!”

I love love love my handsome little boy.

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