Off on a new adventure!

Oh, been more than a week, has it? Yea well, so much for that post-twice-a-week goal. Though I have been a bit busy.


These two keep me at it. And my heart full. And this poor little guy has been extra clingy lately. He has a new tooth coming through the top, and it has made him very cranky and vomit-y. Poor baby.


Breaks my heart

I’ve also been quite addicted to my book, Gone Girl. Though I’ve finished it now, so I’ll have more time. Theoretically.

I say theoretically because we are leaving tomorrow to go to Galveston and visit Jordan’s brother and his family. They’re leaving for their next big family adventure here in a couple of months, and so we definitely want to make sure we visit before that happens. Sunday morning, 6am. That’s our leaving time. So I’m running around trying to get the house in order so that we don’t have to come home to a pig sty. Coming home from vacation and going back to work is hard enough without having to clean the house too.

Jordan and Jay 4.0

Jordan and Jay 4.0

My brother and his wife (and my nephew!) are in town right now, and we’re spending a lot of time loving on them. This was the first time I’ve been able to meet Jay 4.0 in person, and I’ve loved getting to snuggle him and smell him and take a turn in the endless game of walk-me-or-I-fuss. He and Jax look a lot alike right now, and we’ll definitely have to get a Hardy cousins photo before everyone heads off.

Kimbre and Jax

Kimbre and Jax. She’s his new favorite since she shared her eggs. 

And now I’m going to get back to my to-do list. It’ll make vacation even better. I’m so glad its spring break!

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Just a regular girl, piecing together life as I see it.
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