Easter 2015

So our Easter celebrations actually began with a little impromptu photo shoot yesterday. Jaxton was crawling on the ground looking super cute in his suspenders, so Jordan grabbed the camera to get a few shots.

High speed crawling

High speed crawling


This is his GQ face

And then, of course, Jaylee had to get in on the action too. She’s a pretty good tiger.



Cutest tiger around

Cutest tiger around

Some friends of ours who happen to be photographers once took a picture of their little girl sitting in her easter basket for her first easter. I thought it was just the cutest thing! So as Jordan was taking these photos, I saw Jax’s easter basket and said, “Hey, do you think Jax would fit in that?”.

Of course, the answer was yes.


Though to be fair, he does have a very high-volume Easter basket, courtesy of his Grams. I’m pretty sure she bought the biggest one she could find, just because she loves helping to fill it up with goodies for the kids.


So since she bought both the outfit and his basket (and we are very bad at giving gifts back), we took the best one of these photos and had a nice print made. This was the money shot:

I love his little foot popping up

I love his little foot popping up

Easter day today was pretty wonderful. We went to church in the morning, where Jaylee was happy to see Ms. Amanda back in the kids church area. Then we came home and did our traditional Easter crab boil with in the Ingram side of the family.


After that, we headed over to the Hardy side of the family and spent some time there. Jaylee got to do two little Easter egg hunts at each house, and had a fun time opening up each “surprise egg” to see what was inside. She loves these silly youtube videos of people opening up eggs, and so she knew exactly what we were talking about when we said we were going to go find “surprise eggs”.


At the end of the day, we were all zonked. It was a great holiday. What a wonderful way to celebrate our risen Savior!


Sleeping beauty

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