Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I struggle with how to record our lives sometimes because I feel like we’re just a regular old ordinary family.


Which is true, of course. But I also think that I’m going to look back and miss these times. So what seems like just an ordinary day to me right now, is going to be a period of time that I’ll want to get back.


So even though I sit down in the evenings and think “I should write a blog post”, and then immediately think “But I don’t have anything to write about”, I need to move past this line of thinking. Because our glorious and wonderful and messy life right now is worth preserving. My children are changing quickly, and I won’t have these moments for much longer. They’ll be replaced with a new normal, and I will forget about this unless I preserve it.

Jaylee is really into Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, and Rex right now. And, of course, "Mr. Porkchop"

Jaylee is really into Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, and Rex right now. And, of course, “Mr. Porkchop”

Right now, Jaylee is really into her Toy Story figures. She has a bunch of plush animals (technically half of them are Jaxton’s), and she also has a bunch of smaller figurines. She enjoys playing with them and acting out various scenes, both in the movie and in her imagination.


Jax is really into tags. He’ll crawl extra fast if he spots a tag somewhere that he can get to. But he’s also really into cruising around the furniture, getting into the dog food bowls, and endlessly trying to play with whatever Jaylee is playing with.


My biggest struggle right now is trying to teach Jaylee that she’s not allowed to hit her brother when he’s trying to play with her toys. She tells him no, and then hits some kind of object in order to vent her frustration. But recently “some kind of object” has turned in to him. She doesn’t hit hard, and it wouldn’t hurt (or even deter) him. But I’m not sure how to teach an almost-three-year-old how to appropriately vent her frustration, especially when Jax is too young to understand that he shouldn’t be grabbing her things.


So there we go. A picture of our lives this week. Written and preserved in my electronic journal. Which is far preferable to a real journal because I can include pictures. 🙂

About Jodi

Just a regular girl, piecing together life as I see it.
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