Princesses and Toy Story

Life continues as usual around here. “Usual” meaning a lot of messes, a lot of giggling, and lots of sweet and simple moments.


A lot of my time is spent trying to keep Jax away from Jaylee’s special toy: the disney princess castle. We received this princess castle from some friends of ours whose girls had outgrown it. Jaylee loves it, and spends a lot of time putting the princesses in their proper places, or having them all “eat dinner”, or putting them all “in the boat”.


Which means I spend a lot of time keeping this little crawler from wrecking his sister’s tableau.


Which is his primary goal any time she is playing with it. To be fair, she’s not very good at sharing. As in, she doesn’t share at all. She’ll “share” with other kids when they come over to play, but not with little brother. He is public enemy number one when it comes to playing with her toys.

IMG_2581  Luckily, he also enjoys the simple pleasure of finding two things to bang together. Any two objects will do as long as they make a pleasing sound. But current favorites include legos, wooden blocks, spoons, and any food type.


He’s also discovered that the toy cabinet door opens, and he’ll spend long amounts of time opening and closing it. We’ve also started to read our family favorite book: Noodle Loves the Farm. He turns the pages and touches the items, and leans forward to find me in the mirror at the end. Then when we close the book, he flips it over and starts again. Jaylee used to love reading Noodle Love the Farm at this age as well. And I love having my babies sitting on my lap as we read.


We’ve got a pretty good routine down around here. Which naturally means that everything is about to change. My mom had surgery and is in the hospital for the next couple of days, so our normal “daycare” situation is a bit different. And then school is out in 24 more days, and I’ll be a full-time stay-at-home mom for the summer.


But I am enjoying these moments to the best of my ability. Once this three-week-long virus leaves our home, it will be much better. Bring on the sunny days, warm temperatures, and time off from school!


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