Stalled Spring Cleaning

So I was assessing myself on my new year’s resolutions the other day, and I had to admit that I’m actually doing pretty well.



Better than I was thinking anyway. I’ve totally stalled out on the house organizing. I stopped right before our trip to Galveston, and I haven’t been motivated to start it back up again. Which isn’t too bad because I probably completed about 85% of the house already. But what’s left are a lot of the biggies: master bathroom and closet, garage, basement, outside.

Yummy crackers!

Yummy crackers!

I’m doing pretty well on my goal to read a bunch of books. I’m currently reading a book about Nicola Tesla, which is actually proven to be more interesting than it sounds. And I’m reading a book by “The Bloggess” for my mom’s book club. I went a bit crazy reserving books at the library during a dry spell, so I have 6 of them sitting on my nightstand right now. But I’m able to spend some time reading just about every day, which has the double effect of giving me relaxing time and helping me meet my goals. Score!


The blogging here has gotten a little slower. I’m only writing about once a week where my goal was twice. But its hard to feel like I have things to write about, especially when I have so many books to read. Still, I’m counting this as a mostly successful venture so far.

Watching the men "riding robots" at the park. Also known as mowing the grass.

Watching the men “riding robots” at the park. Also known as mowing the grass.


The running has been challenging though. I took a break while on vacation, and then we all caught a horrible virus thing as we came back. I was coughing and hacking for about three weeks, and have only been able to pick back up my training schedule this past week. But I still have time to complete my training before the Bolder Boulder, and I’m determined to do it.


And I’m still reading my Bible (almost) every day. I need to get better about actually reflecting and thinking deeply about what I’m reading. But for now, I’m just going to count it as a success that I’m reading it. You have to crawl before you walk, right?



And I think I’ve been doing pretty darn good at being present for my kids. The TV has been off more than its on, and I’ve been playing and reading books and going to the library and going to the park a lot more. Of course, I feel like I’ve always been doing that. But I’m trying to be much more intentional about it now – really soaking up this time. But man, some of these days can get very long.


Jordan and I took the kids to a big city park about a week ago because the weather was beautiful and we needed to burn some time. And on the drive home, Jordan mentioned that he saw a lot of parents at the park who were staring at their phones.

Tire swings are fun!

Tire swings are fun!

Now, I totally understand that moms and dads need breaks. And truly, I’m not judging people who come to the park and stare at their phones – that might be the only break they have all day. And that’s totally legit.


But that’s not where we are. We get breaks. And so he said he wanted to be more aware of that kind of tendency, and make sure we aren’t missing the beautiful moments happening right in front of us. And so I’ve been trying to be a lot more cognizant of when I’m on my technology, and if I’m missing out on precious times with my babies. And I do think it has actually made a positive difference in my day-to-day behavior.

Mom's night out with some awesome friends!

Mom’s night out with some awesome friends!

In other news, the school year is winding down. We’re down to 23ish days of school left. But its going to be a hectic 23ish days – there’s a lot of stuff that needs to get done in this short amount of time. Field trips galore, cool things like Immersion and Field Day, and more state testing, not to mention the end of quarter and final report cards. This is a crazy time of year for teachers.



These photos are a nice treat. Beth brought over an outfit that Jordan wore when he was a baby. And it was fun to take pictures of Jax wearing the same outfit that his daddy once wore, and think about the man that he will grow up to become. Moments like this make me really hopeful for the future of this little boy. I just can’t allow myself to imagine any future where he is not.



Sometimes the future is a scary thought for me. There are so many unknowns, and I just want someone to hug me and tell me that we’re all going to be ok.


But I think I’ll close there before I go too far down those thoughts. “Who of you, by being worried, can add a single hour to his life?”. So I’ll nip the worrying in the bud for today.

Jax just LOVES playing with my water cup

Jax just LOVES playing with my water cup

But one last photo – Jordan and Jaylee playing a card game. Well, not playing so much as just moving cards around. But she loves it just the same.


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2 Responses to Stalled Spring Cleaning

  1. Woody Johns says:

    Hey, I’m glad that you’re also reading the Tesla book!
    My New Year’s Resolutions to a) do push-ups, b) be creative, and c) cook something awesome weekly have mostly boiled down to a) do push-ups, b) blog sometimes, and c) cook something mediocre daily.

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