Spring Family Photos!

So yesterday, we headed out to the local reseviour to take some family photos. We have some friends who are also photographers, and we have a nice little setup where we all head out and take family photos for each other! Its nice because we hardly ever get family photos, because Jordan is always the one taking the pictures. And our friends are in the same boat.

So by agreeing to take each others photos, we both save money on paying a photographer to do what we really could do ourselves! Score!



Bonus: they have kids the exact same age as ours. So we all understand the whole photons-with-kids thing. So its a lot less stressful than if we had shelled out a large amount of money for a photo session and then had to deal with a screaming crying almost-three-year-old. Which is exactly what we had.




We’re so thankful for our wonderful talented friends. We met them and became friends back before any of us had kids (there were four families in our Sunday School class who all bonded). Now that that particular Sunday school class has dissolved and we’ve all gone our separate church ways, but we still get together now and then. We’ve walked with them through some difficult times, and they’ve been there for us during some difficult times. Its so nice to do life with them, even though we don’t see each other as often as we’d like.




And getting biannual family photos done: double score.






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6 Responses to Spring Family Photos!

  1. Great photos. Love these

  2. cameo says:

    Love this! We are so thankful for you guys! Love you!

  3. oursonnylife says:

    ok these are amazing!! the one with all 4 of you crying-priceless! haha, and the couple one of you and Jordan is beautiful, so is the shoulder one of you and both babies:) I love them all! I left a lengthy comment on the post you wrote about your visit with us, and it did not post, so just know I got caught up on your blog and love it all, love the time we had with you guys, and love you guys. xoox, Chelsea

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