How does your garden grow?

Spring is rolling in with lots of showers this year. Which has been nice since we were able to get my new garden boxes built and planted this last weekend.


One of my before-30 goals was to have a successful garden again (something I haven’t done since before kids!). So I was really happy to get this up and running. Jordan and I just decided on a whim to build it. We do pretty much everything on a whim. 🙂


We planted lots of strawberries, tomatoes, basil, onions, bell peppers, marigolds, and then the big “empty” space in the box is going to be filled up with a large squash plant – once the seeds grow, that is. We LOVE squash, so I wanted to make it a priority in our garden. The plant takes up and needs a lot of room, but it’ll be worth it if we get a lot of squash. I plan to plant some carrots in some deeper containers as well, since they don’t grow well in these boxes (which only have a depth of about 12 inches).


Jax is just a mover and a shaker these days – we have to be very careful to put up the gate at the top of the stairs because he seems fascinated with crawling right to the edge and looking down. He’s not the most trustworthy, and gives his momma a good scare.

They both have a new-found love for pool noodles

They both have a new-found love for pool noodles

My brother is graduating with his doctorate from the University of Oklahoma this friday, and I’m so excited for him! Jordan and I were looking at flight options today to see if Jax and I could go down there and watch him walk, but it just wasn’t going to work out for a lot of reasons. Which stinks, because I was getting pretty excited about being able to go celebrate his achievement with him. And snuggle my sweet nephew, Baby Jay.


Sunday night is the time we spend with my side of the family every week, but my mom has been having some health issues recently. So this Sunday, we all went down to visit her in the hospital and take up their “family lounge” on the surgery floor. Family time must go on, even if the location is less-than-optimal. 🙂

Just 4 more instructional days of school left, and 10 actual days of school. I’m so close to the finish line, I can smell it! Bring on the summer!

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One Response to How does your garden grow?

  1. cameo says:

    Praying all is ok with your mom! I thought she was on the mend! Continued prayers for her! Your garden looks great!

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