Almost Summer!

I am on such a downhill slope to the end of the school year! The next 4 (!) school days are made up of some Dan Meyer 3-act lessons, award ceremonies, field day, field trips, and other such activities. We’re so very close to the end of the school year! And boy, do I need it!

Typical breakfast

Typical breakfast

Unfortunately, its about that time in my career when it is becoming very advantageous for me to pursue my masters degree. I should have done it years ago, but I’ve been a bit busy (with using my body to create and sustain two littles). I’m not really looking forward to all the work that comes with going back to school, but I really do need to get it done for a variety of reasons. There’s never going to be a “good time” personally, and this is a good time professionally. So I’m hoping to sit down with my mom, who is the queen of strategizing this kinds of things, and talk about what would be the best way to get this done. I’ve already got a good start – now I just need to actually get my booty in gear to finish.

She's looking so grown up!

She’s looking so grown up!

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, and Jordan and the kids surprised me good by making me a beautiful framed picture of some pages the babies colored for me. Jaylee was very specific about how she had colored “Ariel, and Flounder, and Cinderella!” And Jax apparently held a marker and scribbled a little bit too. Jordan put it in a very pretty frame and totally shocked me with it when I came down on Sunday morning. It was a lovely surprise.

Trying to free the pony from the ice with warm water

Trying to free the pony from the ice with warm water

Also a surprise: 8 inches of snow on Mother’s Day?!?!?!?!?!?!?! There are lots of broken tree branches around town, and the tomatoes in our garden are definitely going to have to be replaced. Ug. No more snow please!


Jaylee is officially in her BIG big girl bed – and of course she loves the top bunk the most. She’s a great climber – Jordan has trained her well. She’s able to go up and down the ladder quite well. She did slip once, but luckily Grams was there to catch her. And since then, she hasn’t taken any more risks. It makes me so emotional to see my baby girl in such a big bed – she’s growing up so fast!

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