One more dawn! One more day!…….


Yea, I’m totally singing that in my head. We sing a lot in this family, both in our heads and out loud. Unless of course you get a “NO SINGING RIGHT NOW!” from Jaylee.

There’s one day of school left in this school year. And I’m so ready to be done! Technically I have to work Thursday, but its a teacher work day so it doesn’t really count. And then that will be a wrap on the 14-15 school year! It looks like I’ll be starting work on finishing my master’s degree this summer, so there’s that. And I’m sure it will be August before I know it. But at least I don’t have to go back until August this year, instead of July like normal. That’ll be a nice schedule change.

Jaylee helped herself to the cups that hold her goldfish crackers. She's pretty smart!

Jaylee helped herself to the cups that hold her goldfish crackers. She’s pretty smart!

I’ve nervously started trying to potty-train Jaylee in earnest. Its definitely challenging because she is a very strong-willed child. I checked out a book about it from the library, and the very first thing it said to try is the run-around-naked game. But Jaylee didn’t even want to do that! “Diaper on!” So we’ll see how this goes. She does love surprise Easter eggs, so I set one up on the mantel and told her she could have it as soon as she sat on the “baby potty”. She refused, and tried all kinds of different things to be able to reach the egg on her own. And she would ask every adult within range to get the egg for her. That egg sat up there for over 24 hours while she refused to sit on the potty – something she’s done of her own accord in the past.

Finally today, I told her she could have the surprise egg if she would just touch the potty. So we walked into the bathroom and she put one delicate little finger on the plastic potty chair. (Meanwhile, Jax wanted so badly to get down and play with it). So we celebrated and danced and ran out and got her surprise egg down. She was happy.

Then I replaced it with a new surprise egg, and told her she could have it as soon as she sat on the baby potty. She immediately said “I want to sit on baby potty”. And we marched in there, took off her diaper, and had a seat. She even passed a little gas. And then we celebrated and danced and ran out and got her surprise egg.

That’s as far as we’ve gotten. Its hard because I am definitely a goal-oriented person: I want to do some kind of intensive training system where kid are potty trained by the end of the day. But that simply will not work for Jaylee. She is very strong willed and cannot be forced into anything, a personality trait which will be very useful in her future.

And she's just so dang beautiful!

And she’s just so dang beautiful!

Jax is a mover and a shaker – crawling all over the place. He loves getting up on his feet and pushing things around (the walker, the lego bucket, pretty much anything that will slide with a little pushing). And he just giggles and giggles and giggles while he’s at it.

He’s such a happy baby, but he has gotten 7 teeth in the last 8 weeks – which means not much sleep at night for momma. Poor kid is such a hard teether – Jaylee never really seemed too bothered by it for very long.

Sandy toes!

Sandy toes!

My 10k race is less than a week away! This past weekend I participated in the Quinn Madeline Foundation’s Feel the Breeze 5k (virtually) as part of my training. It would have been that sweet girl’s 3rd birthday. I’m so ready for there to be a cure to this disease!


One more day of school and then freedom! I’m sooooooooo ready!

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One Response to One more dawn! One more day!…….

  1. Woody Johns says:

    Man, that egg thing? Genius. Pure genius.
    I can tell you’re a teacher. I hope my couple years of experience helps me in my parenting journey!

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