Colorado has had an extremely rainy May this year, but today the sun is out and its a beautiful day! And I’m thankful, because my poor garden was starting to look a little worse for wear due to all the shady, rainy days. Now perhaps all my plants will perk back up!

Jaylee walking the Jojo

Jaylee walking the Jojo

Its been a fun week around here. Yesterday, I accomplished one of my main New Year’s Resolutions for 2015: I ran in the Bolder Boulder.

Memorial Day ceremony at the Bolder Boulder!

Memorial Day ceremony at the Bolder Boulder!

My resolution was just to train for and finish the race – I planned to walk about half of it. But I was having so much fun listening to all the music and watching all the people during the race, that I ended up running 95% of the race. I stopped only for water breaks, and walked only the length of the tables while I drank my water. And all that despite the fact that I’ve been quite sick for the last week with all kinds of coughing and mucous and other wonderful things.

This is a fast pace for me!

This is a fast pace for me!

I’m pretty proud of myself! I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but I totally did! Woo hoo!

Jax prefers to eat his cereal out of the dog bowls

Jax prefers to eat his cereal out of the (clean) dog bowls

School is out for the summer, and I’ve already forgotten what it feels like to be a working mom! Its been so nice to relax with my kiddos and go to all kinds of fun things like the library, parks, little monkey business, etc. Though it has been hard to try to slow down my pace from teacher-frenzy to at-home-mom-chill. The first day of summer, I cleaned half the house while entertaining my kids. Ha!


I hate potty training. My mom came over to watch the kids yesterday so Jordan could come with me to the Bolder Boulder, and she had all kinds of success getting Jaylee to go on the potty. But just today, Jaylee’s already had 3 accidents, and has gotten it into the potty a whopping 0 times. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but its not been very much fun. And I think that in order to be successful at this, I have to not get frustrated. Which, again, is very hard for my type-A personality. I know Jaylee can do this – I just can’t figure out how to help her!

Jaylee and her surprise eggs she earned

Jaylee and her surprise eggs she earned

We also started a major home renovation. The tile in our master bathroom was moldy and gross, so we finally bit the bullet and pulled it all out this weekend. Now to hang the backboard and start putting it back in! It’s going to look very nice when we’re done. But it does seem like we’ve always got some kind of project going on around here.


I suppose that’s part of home ownership – a house is never really “done”. There’s always something that we want to improve. Some plant that needs to be trimmed or removed. Some new flower that I want to put in.


But the truth is, I have the very best partner in life to do it with. I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else – Jordan is the best man that I know.


Plus we make some pretty cute babies.

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