My 30 “Bucket” List

A couple of years ago, Jordan and I sat down and wrote out a list of things we wanted to do  before “we” turned 30.

I say “we” because I am 18 months older than my husband, who is still technically 28. 🙂

But since my 30th birthday was yesterday, we took a look at our list to see what we had accomplished in that time, and what was still remaining. And surprisingly, we did most of the things we dreamed about doing.

The Completed:

1) Run a 10k – the Bolder Boulder.
2) Paint a picture.

Mom's night out with some awesome friends!

Mom’s night out with some awesome friends!

3) Finish a quilt – I made our niece Vesper a pretty rainbow baby quilt.

4) Go to a play – we went to a lot of plays! But I believe the one that checked this off was Chicago, which we saw at the Buell.

5) Go to the symphony – again, we did this A TON. But my favorite was probably last 4th of July when we went to the symphony with our families and saw the fireworks.

6) Have some over for dinner once a month – we did this for the most part. We did have a lot of people over for dinner (or tried to, anyway)

7) Have a successful garden


8) Complete a major home renovation – we painted and installed cabinets in our downstairs bathroom.

9) Complete a major home renovation – we completed Phase 1 of the master bathroom makeover: ripping out all the floors and replacing the flooring, vanities, sinks, mirrors, and lights.  (Phase 2 is currently in progress). And we did that when Jax was about two months old. Not recommended.

10) Cut debt in half – and then some! But then we were in a wreck that totaled our van, so we got set back a little bit.

11) Have another baby: Jax arrived June 5, 2014.


12) Go to a Broncos game – we went to the Broncos vs. Titans game on a very very cold night, December 8, 2013. But we saw Matt Prater kick the 64 yard field goal that is the current NFL record!

13) Learn to use the camera – check!

14) Start a family blog – check! This is actually my 50th post!

15) Buy a computer – we bought a nice little macbook air that I’m currently typing on. 🙂


The Yet-To-Be-Completed:

1) Go camping – this may or may not happen. We’ve realized we’re not really a camping family.

2) Visit the cliff dwellings

3) Visit the Grand Canyon

4) See a band at red rocks – we have tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie at Red Rocks this July!

5) Eat at the Buffalo Exchange.


Overall, not too bad! We have a very blessed life, and my 30th birthday was a wonderful weekend celebrating with my family. As a friend said, 30 isn’t so scary when you’re happy with the choices you’ve made. And I am definitely happy with the choices I’ve made. I’ve been very blessed.


About Jodi

Just a regular girl, piecing together life as I see it.
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