A Birthday Party!

Since my babies have birthdays that are only 2 days apart, we will be doing combined birthday parties for the foreseeable future.

They don't seem to mind

They don’t seem to mind. They’ve started to really enjoy playing with each other. 

Personally, I do not like party planning. I’ll plan a baby shower every couple of years, but otherwise I just don’t enjoy planning or executing them. I’d much rather have a relaxing get together where everyone has fun and nobody is stressed or feels like they have to stick to a schedule of events. And since my kids can’t tell me otherwise right now, that’s what they’re going to be getting for birthday parties!

Julie's face is how I would feel if I had to plan birthday parties

Julie’s face is how I would feel if I had to plan birthday parties

So for the kids’ birthdays, we just had our families over and grilled burgers and let the kids play! Jaylee and Jax got a “little” bounce house from my parents, and Jaylee was SUPER excited to get it blown up! My brother, Jay, had to bring over a tarp to put underneath the bouncer since it wouldn’t be on grass, so Jaylee just couldn’t stop talking about “Uncle Jay” coming so that she could jumpy-jumpy.

And jumpy-jumpy they did!

And jumpy-jumpy they did!

Colorado weather is really nice in the evenings – when its still warm enough to be outside, but much cooler than the high temperatures reached during the day. It was nice to just sit around and eat burgers cooked by the grill masters while the kids bounced endlessly. Jaylee and Jax were having SO MUCH FUN, that I don’t think they ever really ate very much for dinner.

Action shot!

Action shot!

Jax prefers to slide down on his face

Jax prefers to slide down on his face

My newest nephew Jay 4.0 was there, and he got to take a little turn on the bounce house too. He is constantly jumping when you’re holding him in his lap, so we kinda figured he’d enjoy it.


What is the awesome jumping contraption!?!?!?

What is the awesome jumping contraption!?!?!?

After the kids had jumped themselves nearly to the brink of exhaustion, we gathered around and they got to open their other presents. My mother-in-law Beth had made each kid a smash cake, and the rest of us got to enjoy delicious cupcakes while we watched Jaylee unwrap all the presents.

Unwrapping one of her favorite toys - Glitzi Globes!

Unwrapping one of her favorite toys – Glitzi Globes!

When Jaylee was about to turn one, we were in the process of renovating the front yard of our house to prepare it for sale. So she would often sit on a blanket outside, and crawl over to collect a rock for tasting. So at her first birthday party, my sister and her husband gave her some rocks, which she immediately put in her mouth. Its been a tradition ever since.

Eating rocks!

Eating rocks!

Jax had a super cool blue cake to smash, courtesy of his Grams. He wasn’t totally sure about it, I think the icing was too sweet for his liking. And we discovered that he doesn’t like his hands to be dirty. But it will still pretty cute to watch him explore with his hands and make a mess.


Though Jaylee, on her first birthday, was way more in to smashing the cake than her brother was.

new one

Overall, their combined birthday party was a lot of fun. They got lots of cool toys that they continue playing with every day, though the invitation specifically mentioned presents weren’t required. 🙂 Our families don’t seem to listen to things like that – kids are so fun to buy for.


And these kiddos are definitely loved. So very very loved.

My mom and Jay the 4th

My mom and Jay the 4th

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