4th of July!

The 4th of July is a pretty big deal for our family – the Ingram and Hardy families celebrated it together before Jordan and I were even dating. And now its a fun tradition to have a BBQ and watch fireworks every year.


We started this 4th of July at my in-laws’ neighborhood party. They had lots of fun stuff that our kids weren’t interested in, but they also had a bounce house and pony rides! Naturally, Jaylee wanted “waffle B” right as we were preparing to leave, so we got to the party late since we had to make some waffles.



This kid only wanted his Popsi to hold him all day

Since we were late, the lines for the pony rides were really long. We waited in the heat, but Jaylee lost it right when it was our turn to ride. So she went ahead and walked home early with her Popsi and Daddy. But Jax got to go on his first pony ride!


I hate how much he looks like a little boy in all these photos. What happened to my baby?

After the party, we headed to Chick Fila for some lunch, and then home for naps. I had gone out on a long run (5 miles!) earlier that morning, so the babies and I took naps while Jordan had some time to relax. This downtime in the middle of the day is really important for our family – the adults as much as the kids!

After naps, we spent some time picking up some stuff from Lowe’s, including the materials to make a new backyard game called Washers. Jordan was pretty excited to build and play it. And it was a hit at the party, so I’m glad we took the time to do it!

Playing washers - in Bronco's colors!

Playing washers – in Bronco’s colors!

I love when our families come over! And this was the first time in several years that we were ALL together. We’re a rather large family – but with plenty of room to grow! And next year, we’ll have at least one new member to the crew: baby “Lentil” who is currently cooking.


Jordan and I got in a bit of trouble with our daughter. We’d gone to the fireworks tent earlier in the day to buy some fireworks, and Jaylee had gotten some Disney princess sparklers. She waited patiently all afternoon as we kept saying that we would open them later, open them later. Finally, it was time to open them, and it became pretty apparent that she did not understand the nature of her “surprise”. As soon as I lit it on fire and it started sparkling, she just started screaming and crying. She was so very upset and disappointed that I’d lit her new toy on fire!

Luckily, both of her grandmas were there to see her disappointment.


So after a little retail therapy with her grandmas, she was back to being a happy camper. I feel so bad that she was so patient and well behaved all day, waiting for her new toy. She would ask about it and get ready to open it, and then wait patiently when we told her the new deadline (when Grams gets here, after dinner, etc). And then we took her hopes and dreams and lit them on fire. 🙂 Its no wonder she was a bit upset.

After the sun went down, most of the family loaded up and headed out to watch some fireworks. Jax was already asleep, so my mom stayed home to keep him company since she wasn’t feeling well. And baby Jay had to go home with his parents for the same reason. But the rest of us headed out. We didn’t go to our usual “rebar” spot, but we did find a nice area to sit and watch.


Cars would sometimes pull up in front of us, and Jaylee would yell “Cars! Get outta here!” in mimic of what she heard us do. After we were all done calling our favorites and we’d gotten to enjoy the fireworks, we started to pick up our blankets and head home. And then the sprinklers came on.


Needless to say, we vacated that area rather fast, giggling the whole time. It was a great fourth of July, and a wonderful day to celebrate the birth of our country. We’re so blessed to live in the USA!

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