A Jumble

I have been a jumble of emotions lately. This summer has been a storm of all things good and challenging, and I’ve been having a hard time adjusting.

With her friend at the library

With her friend at the library

Jordan started a new job with a new company, and I’m so very happy that he’s finally out of his old office. Most of the people did not really appreciate him there, and he was unhappy and felt like it was a career dead-end. Not very appealing for a man who isn’t even 30 yet.

He’s been looking to move on for quite some time, and he finally found a good fit that paid enough that we could afford for him to move on. But his schedule has definitely changed – he works from 6am – 3pm. And yes, he chose that shift!

Pancakes and playing in drawers. This is what our mornings look like

Pancakes and playing in drawers. This is what our mornings look like

But its going to make some hardships for our family when school starts up again. I’ll be the one dropping the kids off at “daycare”, and it will have to be a lot earlier than what they’ve been used to. Add to the equation that we’re not really sure what “daycare” is going to look  like or cost for this year. Subtract some of the money from our family finances because Jordan took a slight paycut in order to move to this new company (though the future opportunities make the small paycut worth it). And now distribute to the equation the fact that we’ve been less-than-conservative with our spending this summer (I started my master’s program, and we remodeled our bathroom). And you’ve got the equation for some stressors for our family.


We went on a field trip to “Mommy’s school” to grab some things from my classroom

So big changes for our family. And we’re still working through them and not quite sure what the end product is going to look like.

And while all of this has been going on, our typical schedule of playdates, library trips, and other shenanigans has continued. We hosted some families from my mom’s group at our home for a messy play date. The kids had a ton of fun, and the moms got to sit in the shade of the umbrella and talk! Its not often that a playdate lets moms sit down and just chill for a while – usually we’re enforcing sharing rule or helping kids go down slides and such. So it was really nice that the kids were all occupied. And the playdate was designed so that there really were no rules – anything that I set out was fair game for play and ruining. So it was just a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the kids at the play date - I don't feel comfortable posting photos of other people's kids' faces. So trust me that there were a ton of kids there

Some of the kids at the play date – I don’t feel comfortable posting photos of other people’s kids’ faces. So trust me that there were a ton of kids there

Jax tried to drink out of the foamy water table like a dog. The resulting paint/bubble mixture was just too cute

Jax tried to drink out of the foamy water table like a dog. The resulting paint/bubble mixture was just too cute

Jordan and I were privileged to attend the 2nd Annual Living Like a Warrior Gala for the Wylder Nation Foundation. Wylder was a sweet little boy who died from Niemann Pick A, just like our sweet nephew Trek. So his parents started a foundation with the goal of advancing research into finding a treatment for the disease so that no other families have to receive this diagnosis and be told to “go home and love him”.


With our sweet nephew Trek

With our sweet nephew Trek

It was a beautiful night, and it was so encouraging to hear about the advances that have happened in the last year. We were sitting a table with three scientists who are on the cutting edge of developing a treatment, and we got to talk for a long time to a wonderful lady from Spain who was receiving an award for her work. We also got to meet some other families who are also affected by this disease. I left with a lot of hope for our future. But it was still a challenging evening, and I feel a little sad and emotional looking back on it.


We clean up pretty well

Apparently this has been a wonderful month for date nights for Jordan and I, because we were also able to go to a fun concert at Red Rocks last night. Part of our 30 Bucket List, which we technically still have time to complete since Jordan is only 28, was to go see a band at Red Rocks Amphitheater. We’d never been before, so when I saw that one of Jordan’s all-time favorite bands was playing there, I bought the tickets! So last night we were able to go see Death Cab for Cutie play!


It was a fun concert, and the music was great! But of course, I bought these tickets months ago, before we knew that Jordan would have to be getting up at 5:30am every morning for work. So that was a bit of a challenge. Overall, we had a wonderful time and we got to laugh a lot at the rocket scientists standing next to us. “That’s kinda sad!” They were really bad dancers. I mean, really bad.

The band played all of our favorites – What Sarah Said, Passenger Seat, I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Crooked Teeth, and the very last song of the encore was Trasatlanticism – which we sing to each other all the time. It was a marvelous way to check off an item on our bucket list (though Guster with the symphony still holds the record for all-time-best-concert-ever).

I’ve had enough of a break from my master’s work now. This darn program has definitely been more work than I bargained for. But I am learning, and the pay raise at the end is going to be really nice.

And after writing this all out, I’m struck by what a very lucky woman I am.

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