A Perfect Summer

Summer is drawing to a close. I have one week left until I have to go back to work, and a little under two weeks until the students come for the first day of school. While I have really enjoyed relaxing and loving on my babies this summer, I am ready for a change. I don’t know how stay-at-home moms do it! By the afternoon, my patience is running low and the whining is running high. So I’ll be happy to go back to work and get a bit of a break. Though work comes with its own issues.

Jaylee taking photos in the car

Jaylee taking photos in the car

We’ve done a lot of fun things this summer. We’ve gone to the pool, to the museum, to little monkey business, to lots of parks, to splash parks, and we’ve frequented the library. We’ve hosted playdates, gone to book club, and had fun little parties. This is a fun and active age, and we have definitely stayed active.


Most of our family on my side was able to get together to do the Bubble Run 5k this summer. Of course, we ran exactly none of it. The kids were in to the bubbles at first, but then we went through the dreaded pink bubbles. Both kids were over their heads and trapped in the strollers, so they rightfully got a little scared. Jaylee still talks about how she’s scared of the pink bubbles. But we mostly had a good time.

Family shot!

Family pre-race shot!

Family post-race!

Family post-race!

One of the bravest things I’ve done this summer is take both kids to the reservoir by myself. We met a bunch of moms and kids from my moms group and had a grand old time. Jaylee’s BFF Bella was there, and the two girls ran around and swam and snacked together. At one point, Jaylee got over her head in the water and was struggling. I started to rush out there, but I had to put down Jax first. So my friend Nicole (Bella’s mom) beat me out there and pulled Jaylee up so she could breathe. It was a scary moment for me. We’re enrolling Jaylee in swim lessons this fall, and I’m really happy she’ll soon have this life-saving skill.

Jaylee and Bella splashing at the "beach"

Jaylee and Bella splashing at the “beach”

Jax playing in his puddle

Jax playing in his puddle

A full wagon

A full wagon

Jax is in love with the swaddle blankets that he’s been wrapped in since he was in the hospital. The blankets come in packages of four, but only three of them have cute prints. The fourth blanket is plain old white. When we were at a splash pad with some friends, I saw that another mom had purchased a brightly colored solid blanket, and I loved it! But instead of buying more blankets (really, we have a ton), I bought some dye on Amazon and dyed our boring white ones.


$20 worth of dye. A new package with ONE solid colored blanket: $35

Cauldron brew and potion bubble!

Cauldron brew and potion bubble!

Drying blankets

Drying blankets before washing

Overall, I’m happy with the results! Since the blankets had all been used before, they had some spots and stains that I thought I had mostly gotten out. But sure enough, the dye took to some of those spots a little darker than the rest of the blanket. Some blankets don’t have any spots, and some do. But I still like it better than the original boring white (spots and all!). And I couldn’t help but dye on hot pink for my newest niece, who should arrive next month.


Overall, its been a great summer. I bit busier than I would have liked because I started my masters program. But there’s really never going to be a good time for me to go back to school when I have the extra time and it financially makes sense. And it hasn’t turned out to be too bad. The kids are on a pretty good nap schedule, which gives me time to work on my school work for a couple hours every day.


And hopefully this schedule will continue when school starts back up. If it does, I shouldn’t have any trouble finding time to work on my stuff. But I will be happy when its all done (in two years!)

Craft time at the library!

Craft time at the library!


This is a special time in our lives as a family. I have enjoyed watching both of my children grow and change this summer. They are a joy, even if some things get a bit more complicated. But they are both such treasures.


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One Response to A Perfect Summer

  1. oursonnylife says:

    I love the blankets!!! I hope you get all the nicest students and the best classroom when you go back:) We love and miss you guys and I love reading about my beautiful niece and handsome nephew. sending you so much love, Chelsea
    p.s. That was one of my favorite times too, when Peyton and Conner were both toddlers:)

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