Back to the grindstone

School is officially fully in swing. Today I taught the first lesson in a series of Mullet Ratio lessons, and it was awesome. We jammed to 80’s music while examining some epic haircuts and talking about ratios. The kids (and I) had a grand old time. Its nice when a lesson is so good and meshes with your teaching personality so well. We totally nailed this lesson. Last year was the first year I taught ratios this way, and the kids were still using these ideas in the spring. It was BY FAR the most successful ratio unit I’ve ever used – and I’m glad we’re starting off the school year with it.


Life is pretty crazy around the home front as well. We FINALLY finished our master bathroom remodel (phase 2). We ripped out the old tile the day after school got out for the summer, and the new shower door was installed on the 3rd day of school in the fall. It took us a long time to get this project completed, but we absolutely love it. Our bathroom is so much nicer now. And mold-free is always a plus. I figured we spent around $2000 on the project, but $1400 of that was the shower door alone.


Life is pretty good. And a fully-functioning master bath just makes it a little bit sweeter. 🙂

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