A Brand New Niece!

We had a pretty exciting weekend around here! But first, some pictures from last week. The kids and I are getting into the groove of back-to-school. Its pretty nice because they both take “naps” at the same time in the afternoon, so I will sometimes get to lay down and shut my eyes as well. Sometimes I have to do housework instead. But I sure do love the opportunity for some mid-day rest!


Jax has started walking EVERYWHERE. He looks so adorable doing his little wobble-walk. I absolutely adore him.


And Jaylee is currently into My Little Pony. Particularly this one called “Pinky Pie”. So she was pretty thrilled when she opened up a My Little Pony surprise thing and got her favorite pony. All the people in the Target checkout line (where she opened it immediately after it was scanned) were smiling at her. She is just so darn cute!


But special ponies aside, the most exciting news around here is that I have a brand new niece! My sister, Jessica, labored all night and day on Friday night and Saturday. We went up to the hospital to take over the waiting room with all of “Lentil’s” cousins.

Waiting for a new cousin!

Waiting for a new cousin!

Jessica and Bucky had chosen to keep the name of their little daughter a secret (calling her “Lentil” in the mean time), so we had a good time hanging out as an extended family and waiting for Jess to deliver their girl. I’m not sure Jaylee really understood why we were in the hospital, but she was telling other kids at the Chick Fila play place that we “had to go to the hospital so Jessie has a baby”. Then when she finally did see the baby for the first time, she gave a nice “what the heck is that?” face. It was pretty funny.

Pushing Jessie's nurse-call button

Pushing Jessie’s nurse-call button

Jess and Buck’s daughter’s name is Jaina Marie, which is pretty much the cutest name ever. She is the cutest little girl, with lovely black hair and dark tan skin like her momma.


Jaylee entertained herself in the hospital by playing with her ponies, and roping everyone she could into a round of pony play.


Jax just wrestled.


Constant wrestling. Even the new daddy was not exempt from the wrestling duties.


So we have a brand new baby in the family! It’s going to be so wonderful having cousins so close by. We love our Ingram and Hardy cousins, but they live so far away! One set is moving to Hong Kong and the other lives in Oregon! But little baby Jaina lives only 2 miles away! I’m so happy they’ll get to grow up together.


I think Jaylee and Jax will love it.

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