Long Days, Short Years

There’s a saying in parenthood: the days are long, but the years are short. And man, have I been experiencing those long days recently. My cup is just simply empty by 5:30pm every day. Its been such a challenge. I just have to give give give of myself all day (to everyone: spouse, kids, students, house, classwork, dog). And I haven’t figured out a way to “put my oxygen mask on first” that actually consistently works for me.

/begin whining

I have so many things going on. I’ve got at least 3 to-do lists running at all times (teaching stuff, master’s school work, house work). Just those three alone are enough to drown a person. I’m also running a half-marathon in little over a month. And I’m trying to be a good wife and mother, while not losing my mind every time I have to scrub the kitchen counters or table because of a new mystery sticky substance. And then there’s the dog, who has been purposely messing in the house and getting on the table to get food (probably because he doesn’t get enough attention and is asking for it in all the wrong ways). Plus the constant cycle of diapers to wash and dry and put away, which is required because of the balancing of the family budget. And the fact that Jordan’s been gone for part or all of the weekend for 4 of the 5 last weekends. And now football has begun.

I am just plain overwhelmed. I won’t allow myself to ask for or accept babysitting help from our families because I feel like I “use up” all of that time during the week already.

/end whining

Suffice to say that I’m trying to go through my old “I’m so blessed” blog posts and remember the very happy times. This is just a season. Just a season. Just a season.

Jaylee and cousin Jaina

Jaylee and cousin Jaina

Jax and cousin Jay

Jax and cousin Jay

It’s easy to lose sight of that. Very easy. Even scrolling through my iPhone photos and looking at pictures of my babies from a couple months ago reminds me that this time is precious. But man I can’t see the forest for the trees right now.


The grand-kids photo

This stuff is hard!

Behind the scenes of the grand-kids photo

Behind the scenes of the grand-kids photo

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2 Responses to Long Days, Short Years

  1. Jessie says:

    I can babysit! Please let me know if there is anyway Buck and I can help. If you need us to take the Jo for awhile, we can do that too. Also, I would just like to point out how Jippy made it into that last picture 🙂 That’s my pup!

    I started my blog. It will likely have a lot of feels right now…but at least I can blame the hormones just a little bit longer!

    • Jodi says:

      Ummmm, wordpress is supposed to email me when people comment! Thanks for the love seeester. And I didn’t even notice Jippy in the last photo. Funny.

      Now your blog is on my “read always” list. Keep the posts coming!

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