That’s how many diapers I washed between September 12 and October 12.


Its hard to estimate how much money we’ve saved because our kids would be in two different sizes, and Jax goes through more diapers than Jaylee. But if you just assume a generic $0.20 per diaper (which seems to be the average between a size 3 and a size 5), that’s still a good $40 a month. Not gonna lie, I was hoping that number was higher. But $40 out of our family budget is still pretty good.

Smiles against a blue sky

Smiles against a blue sky

And today was Jaylee’s first day of official potty training for real. She was in underwear all day – which means we didn’t get out of the house even once. That’s really hard. Both kids were whiny today, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night (neither did Jordan). So it was a pretty dang long day.

Showing Belle her watermelon shirt

Showing Belle her watermelon shirt

But she did pretty well. Only two accidents (and one of those was during nap). So obviously she’s been ready for some time. We just had to figure out a work-around for her strong will. She can be quite the challenge sometimes when she doesn’t want to do something. But I think we’re on a roll now. And we’ve talked about how all the diapers are gone forever, and I stripped and packed away them all. So we’re in it for better or worse at this point. Hopefully for better.

This is how daddy's work on cars

This is how daddy’s work on cars

It is my fall break this week, so at least I’m not having to deal with all the work involved with teaching. But the selfish part of me is whining inside that this isn’t really much of a break. I still have my masters (and obviously mothering), but I’m not having to get up quite as early. Jax and Jaylee let me sleep in a whole 45 minutes past my usual time today! And, jesting aside, it did actually make a difference in my attitude for the beginning half of the day. Whining and clinging babies are easier to handle with a full serving of patience.

Jaylee helping mommy make pizza

Jaylee helping mommy make pizza

I know that in the future, I will look back on these days of little babies and miss this. But not days like today. Hopefully I remember how hard this season of life can be even on a “normal” day, and I won’t say silly things to mothers who are in the trenches due to my amnesia. If I hear one more “Enjoy every second!” from a well-intentioned stranger, I might just invite that person over to have a picnic lunch off my kitchen floor. I wouldn’t even have to cook!


At the Broncos vs. Vikings game with my love


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