A Routine

I am a creature of routine. Its easier for me to cope with all the juggling balls when I have a set plan and time for each thing I need to accomplish. This past week in church, our pastor preached about time management and making sure that you’re spending your time on the things that are actually important to you. No matter who you are, we all have exactly 24 hours in the day. No more, no less. And I want to be sure I’m spending my time according to the things I actually value.

Choo choo!

Choo choo!

Of course, a lot of my time is scheduled for me. I have to work, I have to sleep, I have to spend certain times of the day primarily caring for my babies. And then there is the list of tasks to be done: housework, teaching work, masters work, etc. I’ve already cut most of the time wasters out of my life: Facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc. I spend a lot less time on those than I used to (and if I’m on them, its usually while I’m sitting waiting for something else like an appointment or the shower to heat up).

Jax and Jaylee playing ponies

Jax and Jaylee playing ponies

But as I reflected on what our pastor preached about, I realized that a lot of the time, I am distracted. Jaylee will ask me to play with her, but I unload the dishwasher first (Jordan and I call this “being on a mission”). And while the housework needs to be done, I do have other times during the day when I can do that. If I need the mental break from playing Peppa Pig, then unloading the dishwasher is a fine activity for the time. But if I haven’t played with her at all yet, I don’t want to be prioritizing things that can wait for babies that will grow up and be gone some day.

Jaylee wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween this year

Jaylee wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween this year

And Jax gets to be his current favorite, Woody

And Jax gets to be his current favorite, Woody

So I’m trying to be more present. Its easy for me to prioritize tasks over the people that I love. And I want to change that. I know the tasks still have to get done, and there will be times when I will need a break from playing and can choose to complete a task. But I want to be a mom who USUALLY chooses getting down on the floor and loving on my babies. I’m not as bad as a I used to be, but I want to be better still.

Jax helping me carve my pumpkin

Jax helping me carve my pumpkin and making fish lips


Yes, I let my baby use a pumpkin knife. No fingers were harmed in the process

My family: Jordan, Jaylee, and Jax. They mean the world to me. And my time management needs to reflect that.

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