Family Photos – Fall 2015

So after about 3 cancellations, our good friends and my family were finally all healthy and off-work on the same weekend! So we headed out to a cute little farm to take our biannual family photos!


Its nice to take photos with them because their kids are the same age as ours. Meaning, we all understand the craziness. We take about 300 photos, and only 3 are good. 🙂 Just kidding, its a little higher than that. But we did come home with some real winners, even though the temperature was a little chilly (especially in the shade!)

My boy

My boy

I didn’t think about our clothing options until the night before, but I knew that Jordan LOVED this cute little corduroy coat that Jax had received as a hand-me-down from his cousins. So we all just tried to dress to match.

It worked out pretty well!

It worked out pretty well!

We did have to make an 8am run to Khol’s to buy Jaylee a single article of clothing that didn’t have a disney princess on it. And then we had to motivate her to wear it by agreeing to buy a little Peppa Pig car. Peppa pig is her current obsession.

We get excited about airplanes!

We get excited about helicopters!

The Peppa Pig car also came in handy to let the older girls play while the other family was taking photos. The kids were much more interested in running around than they were in smiling for the camera. But that’s just our stage in life right now. And I’m thankful to have photographer friends who understand that, and are very patient.


Its nice that we are able to take “serious” pictures…..


….and also pictures that are a more accurate representation of us. 🙂


The one where both kids are trying to escape...

The one where both kids are trying to escape…

I’m really really thankful for this tradition with our good friends. Now to pick my favorites to go up on our printed photos fall of shame. 🙂


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One Response to Family Photos – Fall 2015

  1. wow! They are beautiful. I LOVE the one of Jordan and Jax. I love this family.

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