Thanksgiving, Snow, and Sickness, oh my!

It’s been a while. Whoops.

Jax enjoying stripping the Christmas tree

Jax enjoying stripping the Christmas tree

I did notice that it’s been a year since I re-started this blog. Which means that I’ve officially succeeded in keeping last year’s resolution! Woo hoo! Which is funny because I’ve already started on next year’s resolutions.

We’ve had a hectic couple of weeks. Thanksgiving was awesome.


Monopoly at the Ingram thanksgiving

We celebrated with my side of the family on Thursday, and with Jordan’s side on Friday. Which means we had two heavenly days of lots of food and family time.


It also meant that we shared a bug. Jaylee threw up Thanksgiving Eve, and then again just as we were about to leave that morning. I thought we’d have to cancel, and I was super bummed about it. But when we called the rest of the family, they said to come on over anyway. Jaylee did not end up throwing up again…. but everybody else did catch the 24-hour gastro-intestinal distress bug. It was not pleasant.


At the children’s museum


And then everyone recovered. Except for me. Strangely, I was still feverish and feeling miserable on the Monday after Thanksgiving (which I had to take off). I figured the “24-hour” bug was just taking me longer because I’ve been so stressed. When it had only gotten  worse that night, I had my lovely father-in-law take me to the doctor on Tuesday morning. I had strep.

Trying to lay down while still being mommy

Trying to lay down while still being mommy, before the fever hit

So another wonderful bug moved in to our family. Yay! Luckily, strep is easily treated. And we knew to be looking for it since I was already diagnosed. My mother-in-law and Jax both ended up catching it. Boo. At least they were both able to get on antibiotics much earlier in the disease progression since we knew to be looking for it.

Missing 4 out of 5 days of a work week is a bit rough on the professional side though. My students were fine, but it really screwed up all my planning for December.

Luckily, we were all feeling well enough to get to go see Frozen on Ice that Friday. We’d had these tickets for over a year, and I was definitely not missing this!

8th row!

8th row!

The kids had a ton of fun. Jaylee absolutely loved it. We had to leave early because we’d gone almost an hour into Jax’s nap time, and he was just done. Jaylee didn’t want to stay in her seat if baby brother was going to go walk. She wanted him with her. So we all just went home. It was still a great experience. Super fun. Though I couldn’t eat the delicious fries pictured because the salt burned my throat.

Where's Elsa and Anna?

Where’s Elsa and Anna?

While I was sick and miserable, my mother-in-law took the kids to a local shopping area to have fun. And she also managed to get them dressed up and looking super cute. There’s a lot of fun (and free!) things to do with kids around here, and they had a great time.



I’m part of a mom’s group around here that is fairly large and active (its the group we went to see Frozen with – we got an incredible discount since our group was so large and we bought so far in advance). One of the fun things they do is hire a professional Santa to come to our Christmas party every year. Every family pays $10, and we get a nice personal visit with Santa and some professional pictures.

Santa's here!

Santa’s here!

Jaylee was super excited to see “Father Christmas” and tell her what she wants for Christmas (a pink doll). She was a little nervous, but she saw her bff Bella sitting on Santa’s lap and thought it looked like a good idea. Unfortunately, we were at the end of the line (because I forgot to pay until I was reminded!). So we had to wait for quite some time before it was our turn. The kids had fun running laps around the clubhouse with all their friends. And then it was our turn to see Santa.


Jax did well! I sat him in Santa’s lap, and he immediately requested his “gee-gee”. As long as it had it in his grasp, and I wasn’t too far away, he was fine with Santa. You could tell he was a little uncomfortable, but he wasn’t crying. Unlike his sister.


She was excited to see him right up until the point that we walked over to his lap. And then she lost it. Hey! Maybe mommy’s immediate presence will help calm her down!


Nope. I think this means I get all her presents.

The funniest part is that as we were leaving, her meltdown went from a 7 to a 10 because she realized “I forgot to tell him what I want!!!!!”. She was inconsolable. We called my dad and asked him to pretend to be Santa so that she could tell him what she wanted, and it helped a little. But she was already so worked up that there wasn’t much stopping her. It was late, she’d been running around for 2 hours, and she was hungry. Ain’t nothin gonna fix that in a short amount of time.


Playing their made-up game

And so, life goes on around here. The kids have really started to play together in the last couple of weeks. They’ll entertain each other for quite some time! Until the fighting starts, of course. But the play does make for some wonderful moments for Jordan and I to watch and admire our beautiful babies.

Till next time!

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One Response to Thanksgiving, Snow, and Sickness, oh my!

  1. oursonnylife says:

    omg, I feel sick just hearing about your illnesses, that sounds awful!! I’m glad you are all better now and all healed for Christmas fun. I love reading your updates, I’m so glad you do them!! We love and miss you all so much! love, Chelsea

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