Christmas 2015


Another Christmas in the books. And it was a good one, for the most part.


We started Christmas morning sleeping in till 8ish (hallelujah!). And then WE woke up the kids and brought them downstairs to open presents with our little family. Jaylee was diagnosed with strep just 2 days before Christmas, so she had fun things like a new toothbrush and some princess toothpaste in her stocking. The kids had fun playing with their new toys (and pink doll from Santa) before we packed up and headed to Grams and Popsi’s house for Christmas breakfast.

Jax slowed down for one hot second to cuddle with Popsi

Jax slowed down for one hot second to cuddle with Popsi

There, we ate lots of food and opened more presents and generally had a great time. Jaylee and Jax are spoiled rotten to have both sets of grandparents in the same town. And they soak it up!

Around mid-day, we headed over to G-ma and Pop-pop’s house for our THIRD Christmas. We tried to get a photo of the whole group of cousins under the tree. Tried.


That’s the best we can do with such squirmers! But it makes my heart happy. Then we opened presents, which took a while since we had 14 people (babies included). And my kids had a bit too much fun in the ball pit, and had to go take a nap mid-present opening due to their fighting (it was about an hour and a half past their nap time).


We all hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. Jax particularly enjoyed Pop-pop’s new gift.


He even brought Pop-pop the wing guards when they snapped off during a crash landing (no comment on how many crash landings there were)…. Then Popsi and Grams joined us for Christmas dinner. It was a wonderful time together with our family.

Right up until the moment that we realized the rash Jax had on his cheek had spread to his whole body….

We called the nurse hotline (hard to reach on Christmas day, go figure), and then headed immediately home afterwards because they thought it was possible that Jax had RE-infected with strep since Jaylee had only been non-contagious for 24 hours at that point. And we definitely didn’t want to get anyone else sick, especially the babies. We went to the doctor as early as possible on Saturday morning, and they diagnosed him with croup (the cough) and hives (the rash – a reaction to the croup virus). Yay! And its very contagious, and dangerous to the very young (more yay!). So we’ve been on house arrest the last 3.5 days.

Extreme engineering: tunnel edition

Extreme engineering: tunnel edition

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers

But at least we have lots of cool new toys to play with!

Overall, it was a nice Christmas, even with all the sickness. And I think we can definitely punch our sickness card and should be able to get through the rest of the winter totally healthy! Right?!?!??!?!?

Mommy's new toy

Mommy’s new toy

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