The “Ugly” Part of Winter

We’ve entered the depressing season of winter. After all the sparkly lights and glittery ornaments of Christmas come down, the snow and cold outside seem less magical and more menacing.


Its probably one of my least favorite times of the year. We’re stuck inside for the most part, where both of my children do much better in the outdoors (Jax especially). The days are sunny, but you step outside to take out the trash and get hit with an icy wind that takes your breath away. There are the occasional nice moments, like when your husband goes out to shovel the driveway and takes his two little helpers with him.


But for the most part, its just a cold and sad season. Not to mention all the SICKNESS. One of our few escapes is the gym, where the kids get to play with friends and mommy and daddy get to have some “me” time while getting some exercise. Its good for all of us, up until the kids catch one of the innumerable germs going around the nursery. Then we end up with runny noses and coughing fits all night. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



I suppose there is playoff football, which is an enjoyable (if stressful) experience. Its nice to get to spend time with family. This past Sunday, all of the women went to get pedicures before the game started. And for the first time, Jaylee got to come too.


She did really well, even letting the lady cut her fingernails before putting on the three layers of polish. Jax also got to spend some time in his happy place, making me quite jealous.


Aside from Sundays, we spend a lot of time just hanging out around the house after I get off work. Jax and Jaylee got a lot of new toys for Christmas, and they have been helpful to keep the kids entertained and happy as I try to get back into the swing of house-cleaning and diaper-washing and teaching-preparations.



I do have a bit of help with some of my responsibilities.


So even though we’re in the less-than-enjoyable part of winter, I still have plenty of reasons to be thankful. Other than colds and coughs and teething, we’re still all healthy. And I’ve made excellent progress on most of my goals so far (though being kind to Jojo is still a challenge). And I get the wonderful experience of raising my two little blessings with the love of my life. Focus on the positive!


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3 Responses to The “Ugly” Part of Winter

  1. Great Post Jax looks so grown up with his new hair cut. Jaylee is so intent on the nail process. I might have been 45 before I went for the first mani-pedi! Times change.

    • Jodi says:

      I think I was 20 or so before my first pedicure. And I only ever had one manicure – for my wedding. šŸ™‚ But it was SO FUN to take Jaylee. She asked so many questions, it was adorable.

      Jax’s haircut makes me sad and happy all at the same time. I miss his beach hair and baby look, but he’s so adorable with short hair too.

  2. oursonnylife says:

    I love reading your posts!!! They make me happy to see my sweet niece and nephew so cute and happy. You make me laugh about Jojo. I’m sure she is loved plenty:) Your fish tank is awesome! I was just telling Jarrett about how the boys loved your magnet cleaner, I see Jax loves it! I hope winter moves fast for you!!! xoxo ,Chelsea

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