Super Bowl Champions!

We’re pretty big Broncos fans around here.


So we were pretty excited when they managed to get through all the playoff games and into the Super Bowl. Our Super Bowl viewing came with lots of dancing in circles when the Broncos would make a good move, and making as many “Ware” jokes as possible while giving obnoxious high fives. It was a good time.


On another note, Colorado weather has been so up-and-down recently. Right now its a beautiful 60 degrees outside. You can go out in just a t-shirt and perhaps some shorts, and the sun is missing king of a blue, cloud-spotted sky. Its picture perfect. Perfect weather for a trip to the park or the zoo or any of the other outdoor attractions around here. Crazy to think you can do that in the dead of winter here in Colorado.


The “dead man” swing

T3bLBdicrgcMYEh8.jpg 6eATVYGw0ZcmisU4.jpg

But actually, it was just one week ago that we had a massive blizzard and were shoveling about a foot of snow on our snow day. They even named the most recent winter storm that blew through here, though I can’t remember the name of it now. Kayla maybe?


Snow days around here mean we break out the jumpy-jumpy and stay in our pjs all day. We also cook a nice cajun turkey breast with roasted veggies, and just generally chill out. But its just so strange that each week has been a different story as far as the weather goes. Beautiful park weather, then massive snow, then beautiful park weather.

Still, I’ll take it. The sunshine is nice and the air smells great and it puts everybody in a good mood. Its nice not to have to mess with coats in the carseats and snow tracks in the house.


Life continues on in the usual way. Its entering the “hell months” of the school year, where we have state testing coming up and very few breaks (other than spring break of course). April is by far the worst month, because at least in May you know the end is near. But even here in February the kids are getting antsy and tired of the school routine. Aren’t we all.



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