A Breather

So its been a while.

Jaylee's latest selfie

Jaylee’s latest selfie

Suffice to say we’ve been a bit busy around here. But this is my week-break between masters classes, and I’m giving the end-of-year exit exam in my classes tomorrow and Friday. Kids are at gram’s house, and the robot is vacuuming my upstairs. So I actually have a chance to breathe, for the first time in a while!

They have a lot of fun with their grandparents

They have a lot of fun with their grandparents

First, we found out that we are expecting.


That was a bit of a shock, as we had not planned on getting pregnant right now. But now that we’ve become a bit more accustomed to the idea, its an exciting time. Truthfully, I forget that I’m pregnant for about 75% of each day. I didn’t have any nausea, haven’t been too outrageously tired (more than usual, anyway), and I’m still wearing my normal clothes at 15 weeks. Its been a dreamy third pregnancy. But it definitely has added a little something extra to my plate that I wasn’t necessarily planning on. Our official due date is October 24th, though I think this baby will probably come late (simply because we, uh… know the conception date).


Jax really enjoys playing at the sink

A lot of fun family events have come and gone since I last updated ye olde humble blog. But I’m trying something new, and just letting go of things. So I’m not going to go back and write about all the Easter fun and spring fun and Colorado spring blizzard fun. I’m just gonna let it go and start where we’re at now.

Its a coping mechanism, really.



Wearing her "coronation dress" so she can sing and dance with her daddy

Wearing her “coronation dress” so she can sing and dance with her daddy

So there. Consider the blog updated! There’s just a couple more weeks of school left until we’re out for the summer and I get to spend all my time with my babies. I’m simultaneously looking forward to it, and a bit worried about it. I’m not the kind of person who does well with lots of unstructured time – I need routines and things to do. But I’m sure we’ll find plenty of those this summer. At least I won’t have to worry about grading and planning stuff for class (besides my master’s work, of course).

Where are my children?

Where are my children?

Playing at the museum - at the water station of course

Playing at the museum – at the water station of course

Speaking of masters work, I have one year left till I’m done! I’m sooooo ready to be done. Hopefully this third baby will not delay my graduation, though it’ll be a bit rough in October and November. We shall see!

New freedom - big boy bed

New freedom – big boy bed

Have a great day!

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