Family Photos – Spring/Summer 2015

So we were a bit late in taking our family photos this year, due to crazy sickness, Colorado weather, and super-fun family schedules.


But we got some good ones. It was a nice sunny morning at the park with our friends, even though baby Jax was a bit… uh…. whiny.

In true form

In true form

He’s also finally getting over his cold, so that could have had something to do with it.



I LOVE taking family photos with our friends, the Irons. I feel like they actually understand where we’re at, since our kids are the same age. Nobody has any unrealistic expectations. And we just kinda go with the flow. Its a great thing, truly.


The photos are way less stressful because neither family had to pay a butt-load of money and then pressure their kids into behaving. Though we did end up bribing our kids by the end.


And we still get great looking photos. Even if Jax insists on giving dirty looks in as many of them as possible.



When he’s not picking his nose or pointing out birds, of course.



Jason is really good at capturing our family exactly where we are – all the messy and nose-picking and whining glory of it.


Plus the occasional “wow, that’s actually good” shot where everyone is looking at the camera. Or at least, in the camera’s general direction.



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One Response to Family Photos – Spring/Summer 2015

  1. oursonnylife says:

    I love them all, and you are right, there are a ton of great ones!! But of course, the nose picking one is the winner!! blow up in the biggest size and put in the middle of the living room:) love you guys!!

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