So it’s summertime in these parts.


Which means our schedule is pretty relaxed. We’re all up sometime between 7 and 8, and we eat a nice leisurely breakfast where everybody tries to change their cereal choice at least 3 times. Then we look at the calendar and decide what we should do that day!


I try to do something with the kids most days. Either a play date or hike or splash pad or museum trip or pool or library….


We all do better and the morning goes by faster if there’s a particular activity for the day. It also helps to get us out of the house – if we stay at home, then I feel the need to clean my house instead of playing with my kiddos. So everybody’s happier if we get out – even if it means the house stays dirty.


My tiny baby bump - I think this was 22 weeks or so

My tiny baby bump – I think this was 22 weeks or so

I’m trying to let go of the house cleaning bug. When school first ended, I made a huge list of the spring cleaning projects I wanted to get done this summer. Now that summer is more fully in swing and I’ve detoxed from teacher-mode, I don’t think much of that list will get done. I cleaned out the closets, so at least something happened.


Both Jaylee and Jax had birthdays. It was a lot of fun and they got a lot of new toys to play with. But overall, I hate throwing parties. So I’m glad that’s done for a year. Parties just seem to exhaust me – at least when its just family that’s coming over, I don’t feel like I need to clean the whole house. (Picking up a theme with what exhausts me these days?)


Jaylee and her bff Bella

The princess castle assembly crew

The princess castle assembly crew

Our summer/fall/winter/whenever project is to finish our basement. We’re going to do most of the work ourselves, and pay cash for it all. So work is progressing slowly. It will be nice when its done and we can have a nice and cool playroom for the summer time. And kicking all the toys downstairs is a (perhaps pipe) dream.


Jaylee’s first round of ballet/dance classes ended on Monday. They had a little recital for all the parents to come see what they’ve been learning, but Jaylee got a case of stage fright and just cried through the whole thing. She didn’t really do any dancing. But oh well – she’s had a great time every Monday at the classes. We signed her up for another round, though she currently still believes she doesn’t want to do dance anymore. 🙂

The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end

She loved her teacher, and her teacher gave her a pretty little ballet bracelet at the end (even though Jaylee didn’t participate in the recital). That made my momma heart happy. Its nice that other people love on my little girl too. 🙂


Baby #3 is doing just fine – we had the big 20 week scan and decided not to find out the sex! This has been the easiest and breeziest pregnancy, and I don’t even look like I’m pregnant even though we’re just past 23 weeks. Hopefully baby will still be this chill when they make it to the outside world in October. For now, I’m enjoying the subtle little kicks and punches – especially since I know they’ll get painful here before too long. 🙂

Love this time of year! Though I’ll pass on the heat (there’s a reason my babies were both born in June)


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  1. Cameo Irons says:

    Super cute. You are such a good Mommy! Those are some beautful sweet smiles!

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