An overdue update…

So…. it’s been a while. But I’ve been known to let a few spinning plates drop here or there. So let’s all look the other way and pretend I’m not trying to condense 6 extremely eventful months into one post, mmmkay?  Mmmkay.

So my (biggest) baby had her first day of (pre)school.

She is absolutely loving it. She has a little BFF named Michaela, and she’s learning so much. Her teachers always tell me what a beautiful, sweet soul she is. That makes a momma’s heart happy.

These two love each other, when they’re not fighting

It was a crazy first quarter of the school year where I was working, mothering, pregnant, and trying to finish as much of my masters’ work as I could before baby came. There was also no long-term sub to take my place until the 11th hour. It was a stressful time. But my maternity leave started the Thursday before my due date (October 24th, a Monday). So I had some time to do a couple fun things with my kiddos before Baby C arrived. Like, we went and toured the fire station.

And then a week later, we had a baby. (Wehadababy Itsaboy)

Sweet baby Jace Henderson, October 27, 7:27am

I remember when they put him on my chest and Jordan announced to the room that it was a boy (we didn’t know beforehand). I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe I just had a baby. I can’t believe I just had a baby.” It was such a dreamy easy pregnancy, and it just didn’t feel real. Of course, now I can’t imagine life without him. He completes our little family.

Sleepy boys ready to go pick up Jaylee from preschool

The transition has been a bit rough. We’re all pretty tired.

I have this photo of each of my babies with their daddy

Jax didn’t seem to have any problem adjusting after a quick 5 minute intro in the hospital. Jaylee had a bit of a tougher time, and needed some special attention from us. But now she’s Baby Jace’s #1 fan – she always wants to hold him and cuddle him and play with him when she gets the chance.

Jace is my only brown-eyed child.  I just adore those big brown eyes.

Oh, and besides having a  baby and finishing my master’s degree, we also have been doing some home renovations.

Popsi and Pop-Pop building baby Jace a bedroom. Thanks for giving up your man-space Jordan!

We had a loft that was our office/multi-purpose/gaming area. But we really needed a 4th bedroom, so my dad spent exactly one week finishing up the wall, adding a closet, and putting in doors – with some help from Jordan and Jordan’s dad as well. The upstairs carpet was replaced, which was long overdue but a big undertaking nonetheless. Now baby Jace has his own bedroom.

Chop saws in the hallway – very child friendly

Oh yea. There’s also been a handful of holidays that have come and gone.

Christmas Jammies

I’d really like to write about all the wonderful experiences we’ve had over this holiday season, like hanging with family, eating way too much food, meeting our newest niece (born in Hong Kong!), and all that jazz. And maybe I’ll be able to do that in the coming days. But for now, lets just say it was a great holiday season. We had 4 different Christmas opening present events (with my brother, with the WHOLE Ingram clan, with our little family, and with the Hardy clan). It was really a great way to do Christmas – the kids got to play with all of their new toys that way.

Making eyes at Aunt Chelsea


It was a wonderful time, with lots of good food and laughter. Except for the babies, of course.

Jordan’s brother and his family bought us a membership to the aquarium, so we went as a family and had a blast. Of course Jordan and I love fish, and these places are fantastic for kids. We happened to be there at the right time for the mermaid show, and Jaylee even got her photo with a real mermaid!

Its been a hectic, but wonderful 6 months. I wish I had blogged more to preserve this time in my memory. It stinks that I’ve had to let this particular spinning plate drop.

But tomorrow is a new day, and I can start where I’m at. Thank heaven for grace! Hopefully it won’t be so long between this post and the next one. 😉

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