A new year!

So its a new year. 2017. And this year has got a lot to live up to – 2016 was a pretty good year for our family.

These two adore each other

One of the last events of 2016 was a trip to the zoo lights with my parents, my youngest sister, and my brother and his family.

Hey look! A parrot!!….?

It was a freezing cold night and way past the kids’ bedtime. Jace didn’t ever really settle in the carrier because he wanted to look at all the lights, and we had to buy an overpriced zoo blanket because the wind was biting and I was worried it would go through the carrier to Jace.

But it was a good time, nonetheless. Hero of the night award goes to my amazing husband. He wasn’t super excited about the trip in the first place, but he knew it was special to me so he sucked it up and had a good time. And when he has a good time, everyone else does too. He was dancing and jumping and singing and making jokes. It really made a freezing cold night much more fun. He’s really the best. (Plus he didn’t even hesitate when I said I wanted to buy a ridiculously overpriced blanket to keep our baby warm)

Jay, Kimbre, and baby Jay live in Oregon, so it was really fun to see them this Christmas since we don’t see them that often. And carousel rides are always more fun with your cousin/aunt.

So now its a new year. And I make a couple resolutions at the start of every year. Generally, I have a pretty good record of keeping them as well.

I wanted to focus on really trying to soak up these years. I told Jordan that I think we’re currently in the magical years – the years that everyone looks back on fondly once they’re gone. Christmas is more magical with toddlers, and I want to make sure I don’t miss too much of this time because I’m busy doing things that are less important (like work).

Umm, who is this little boy sitting where my baby used to be? When did he get such long legs and big feet?

Did you know IKEA is a kids’ playground? I didn’t know that either, until I tried to walk through the warehouse with toddlers.

So my biggest resolution for the year revolves around my family. I want to do one nice thing every week for/with each member of my family. And I downloaded an app to help encourage me to do it – I just LOVE checking off a good to-do list.

So this week I took the kids (all three of them) to an afternoon playdate with my mom’s club. It started at 4, which is after Jordan gets home from work. One thing parents just don’t get enough/any of is “me” time. So I purposely chose to take the kids out of the house so he could have an hour or two of guilt-free time to play video games. And it wasn’t even that hard on me since we went to a playdate at a friends’ house – so I got to sit and chat with other parents while the kids played with new-to-them toys.

For my special time with Jaylee this week, we went to see the new Disney princess movie Moana. And we got popcorn and soda, and I let her squirm all around and sit up on the arm of the chair and ask me questions through the whole movie. It was a good time (also, a good movie. I’d recommend it). One of my earliest memories is the opening sequence of The Little Mermaid in the theater, which I saw when I was around her age. I want to make sure to give her those memories as well. The Little Mermaid is still one of my favorite movies of all time.

Seeing Moana!

My special activities don’t always have to be a big production – it could be something like reading a couple extra books at bedtime or sitting down to play a board game or whatever. Actually, I’m trying to think of what special activities look like for Jace – still not sure about that one. Oh, and I’m included on that list. I have to do something special for me each week. This time, I sat and watched a streamer play Heroes of the Storm while eating ice cream rather than do the work or cleaning that needs to be done.

I think these purposeful little acts of love will help keep me focused on what really matters, and hopefully also show my family that I love them and want them to be my priority.

Other resolutions for 2017?

  • drink my water every day
  • Get back into the Fly Lady house cleaning routine (with much more grace due to the craziness of this time of life)
  • Get down to my goal weight – I was 3 pounds away from it when we got pregnant with Jace
  • And blog more consistently

I’m sure I’ll have other minor goals along the way, but those are my big ones.

Happy new year!

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