All Better!

All Better! That’s the title of one of the favorite books around here. You stick band-aids on the boo-boos of animals. Its a great time.

Baby moccasins!

Baby moccasins!

Its nice to have everybody healthy again, because we get to do things that involve going places and being around other kids. Like hanging out at the library.




Our library has a wonderful little kids area. The doors close off from the rest of the library, so we don’t have to worry about keeping the kids super quiet (a losing battle anyway). Their area has a little club tree house, doll houses, puppets, wooden trains, and tons of books for the kiddos. Its a great little place to hang out. Especially when you run into friends from Jaylee’s ballet class and they get to play while the moms get to chat.


So this little guy turned 3 months on Friday. He’s just got the biggest brown eyes, lovely little smiles, and happiest little composure around. If he’s fussing, its cause he’s hungry, dirty, tired, or bored. He’s easy to read, and his boredom is pretty easily solved by just walking around and watching his siblings. Though he does enjoy a nice round of patty-cake. The “throw it in the oven” part makes him giggle every time. And did I mention he’s ticklish? I just adore this little boy.

And he loves his hands

And he loves his hands

Getting back into the swing of things with work has been a process, but we’re all surviving. The students are happy I’m back, and I’m happy to be back for the most part. I really enjoy my job. And its been nice to be able to reconnect with my friends/coworkers. There’s a lot of drama going on with our district right now since they’re 31 million in the hole. And its tempting jump ship to the district my kids will go to school in. But I just can’t leave. My building and coworkers are the bomb.

Babies are always welcome at happy hour

Babies are always welcome at happy hour

So Jordan got an awesome promotion and raise at work – I’m really proud of him. He works really hard and doesn’t do self-promotion, so I don’t feel like he always gets recognized for the excellent work he does. But his boss did take notice and did what he needed to in order to ensure Jordan stays happy there. And it made me very happy. Money is very nice, but I think the fact that someone recognized his great work is even more important to Jordan.

Plus, he captured one of the squirrels that has been eating our trash and pulling insulation out of our attic. So, you know, he’s officially a hunter/trapper now too.

Aurora / CO / United States - 1/28/17

Don’t you keep squirrels in your trunk?

Jaylee got her first birthday party invitation from one of her school friends. It was a little weird to go to a birthday party for a kid/family we’d never met. But it was at this cute little amusement park for kids with all the kiddy rides. We bought Jax a wristband too and they had fun riding the rides for a couple hours. And when Jaylee didn’t finish her cake, Jax was more than happy to bat clean up.

1/28/17 1/28/17 1/28/17  1/28/17 1/28/17 1/28/17

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but we now have TWO members of the family who get very HANGRY.


Evidence of the smaller angry one

So keeping Jax (and his daddy) fed has become more of an urgent priority. Its easier with Jordan because he can feed himself. But sometimes I don’t realize Jax is approaching hangry stage until its too late and we have a full-on meltdown. He has to eat the three major meals, plus a significant snack both morning and afternoon. And he doesn’t recognize that he’s hungry, and will just keep playing and playing until he’s reached critical stage. But now that I’ve realized this is what’s going on, I’m getting better at giving him snacks and keeping food on hand. I just didn’t realize how much little boys eat! Jaylee has always eaten like a mouse, while Jax will happily put away 3-4 pieces of breakfast sausage.


Good thing he’s cute. I imagine this eating-a-lot thing is only going to get worse. 🙂

Playing lite-brite with my oldest little boy

Playing lite-brite with my oldest little boy

Fingers crossed we can all stay healthy the rest of the season!


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