Unseasonably Warm

So apparently we broke the record high in my area today. We’ve really been enjoying the round of warm weather.


Its so strange to be able to eat meals outside in February. And I’ve been able to walk Jaylee to preschool a bunch this week with the boys in the stroller/baby carrier. But no fear – this is apparently all supposed to go away tomorrow when we get snow. Cause that’s how we roll around here.

Aurora / CO / United States - 2/9/17

The jammies Jaylee picked for him before he was born (since we didn’t know he was a boy till his birth)

It has been a full week, and I’m pretty darn exhausted. Usually, Jace and I get to take a nap together while Jaylee is at preschool and Jaxton is resting in his room.


Third baby life – getting to sleep in the comfy bed instead of the SIDS-approved crib

But it only happened once this week, which has led to a very exhausted mommy. Add in to that the fact that we’ve had round two of runny noses and coughs, and a full 5-day work week for me (which, oddly, hasn’t actually happened since I’ve been back). I’ll sleep one day, right?


For now, I’m trying to enjoy my little babies even if they contribute to a constant tired feeling. And I succeed, for the most part. They’re pretty darn cute.

Today we went to a Valentine’s Day party thrown by my mom’s group. This is different, of course, than the separate party at Jaylee’s preschool. Guess you can’t have too many Valentine’s parties, right?

Aurora / CO / United States - 2/10/17

Lookin snazzy in their Valentine’s outfits

I mean, what’s the problem with celebrating love as often as possible?



The problem is that, like most holidays, this one comes with a nice round of sugar.




Which turns this:


into this:


which then leads to this:


that ultimately results in tantrums and early bedtimes.

But hey! Who’s to say that wouldn’t have happened even without the sugar rush. 🙂 So we’ll celebrate love as many times as culturally necessary, and throw out all the candy afterwards.

One thing is for sure: I certainly do love and adore the 4 people I do laundry for. They’re the best.

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